Thursday, March 13, 2008

No Matter The Species, It's Still WTF?

In the UK, it is apparently illegal to feed live prey to lions. Lions in zoos, that is. Something like that would be really hard to control out in the wild. Now, why the lions can't just eat some sort of meat that's already dead (hence the term "meat") I really don't know. Just chalk it up to the zaniness of those wackyScotsmen, OK?

Over there in Scotland at the Blair Drummond Safari Park in Stirling (that's in Scotland), they've come up with what they thought was a solution to the lions being deprived of hunting something to eat. The LionRover3 was developed and it was hoped that the "remote controlled robo-prey" would be a good alternative to an actual animal futilely running for it's life before meeting an unpleasant demise in the jaws of said lion. It was also supposed to help "keep the lions on their toes" and to "stop them from getting bored". I see. Now, given that rationale, would it surprise you if I said that it's not going well? I didn't think so.

Here is a lion and his brand new LionRover3. Doesn't he look enthralled? Engaged? Ready for the thrill of the chase?

Of course not. None of those. No, the above picture clearly depicts the big cat version of "WTF?"

According to the zoo, the lions are a bit nervous of their mechanical prey. Oh, do ya think?! I'm not a lion and I'M a bit nervous! What the hell is that? How is THAT supposed to be an alternative to a gazelle or an ocelot? (Or some other tasty lion treat?)

A spokesman for the safari park said: "Lions are intelligent animals and if they are not sure about something they will hang back until they know it's safe." No, I think it's more like, "Lions are intelligent animals and if you put a metal box and a stick with a tail attached to it in their living space, they're going to wonder what the hell is wrong with you."

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