Saturday, March 8, 2008

Big Is Relative

A Japanese model says that a court verdict was overturned because her breasts would have been too big to allow her to "squeeze into a room through a hole." No word on why the room had "a hole", although she did claim that the man in the room made the hole himself. OK.

The model was found guilty of property destruction for kicking in the wooden door of a man's room and crawling inside. Allegedly she felt this was necessary because he was with another woman. Huh. Different cultures are just that. Different. Nothing wrong with kicking in the door of the cheating bastard in this country. But in Japan? Not so much. They prefer the "crawl through the hole" approach to suspected infidelity. Interesting.

When appealing the verdict, her attorney held up a plate that depicted the size of the hole and said she couldn't squeeze through that because of her big breasts. A plate?! Who CAN squeeze through a HOLE the size of a PLATE?! Breasted or not breasted!! A PLATE?! Where was this plate when she was found guilty?! Odd they didn't mention it THEN, but whatever. That's not really my issue here.

No, my issue is with this photo of the Japanese model with breasts bigger than a plate. Now it could be just me, but I am not seeing where the term "big breasted" comes into play here. "Breasted", sure. Most women are. But to classify this one, er, these, er whatever as "big"? I don't know about that.

At this point, I really want to see a picture of that plate.

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