Wednesday, March 12, 2008

And You Thought Paula Didn't Make Any Sense.

I'm pretty sure I've refrained from mentioning that I'm a huge "American Idol" fan. I know that I have refrained from mentioning that I am (now) a huge "Bulgarian Idol" fan. I didn't even know there was such a thing as "Bulgarian Idol". And although it's only in it's second season, I can't help wondering what I've missed before now.

What we have below is a video of an audition for "Bulgarian Idol", complete with Randy, Paula and Simon look-alike judges. Now, while I am aware that the English language does not translate well or accurately into other languages, I am equally aware that any translation that takes place should not be done phonetically. Because when you do translate languages phonetically, the end result is thinking that a Mariah Carey song is wrongly (yet phonetically) titled "Ken Lee". As in "I Ken Lee, if living is without you. I Ken Lee. I Ken Lee anymore."

And while incorrect, it takes nothing away from the hilarity of it all.

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