Monday, March 31, 2008

Dogs - What NOT To Do To Them

There is no way I possibly could have known that there would be a need to tell people "Dogs don't wear clothes", "Dogs shouldn't be pink" "Dogs don't have civic duties", etc. But, turns out, there was a need to mention those things because people, apparently, do these things with their dogs. But here's another one I have to add to the list: If you cut off a dog's ear, don't glue it back on. You moron, you.

Seems that a woman in Gig Harbor, Washington, went to wash some dirt off of little Jasmine's (that's the dog) ear. That's when the ear fell off. The veterinarian that she took little Jasmine to said that the ear had been cut off (duh) and super-glued back on, presumably by the unlicensed dog groomer that the dog was taken to. Huh.

The woman, Anni Sheriffius, said, "I saw the ear float away, and it freaked me out." I can imagine she was freaked out. I didn't see the ear float away and I'm a little freaked out. (Wait. Float away where? Was she bathing her dog in a stream? Some nearby river? The North Pacific Subtropical Gyre? Where was she that the ear would "float away"?)She said that she has been crying for weeks at the thought of someone hurting her dog (understandable) and that she still has the ear in a bag (Not so understandable. What? Still has the ear "in a bag"? For weeks?! For the purpose of what?! Wait. What about the "floating away" part? Huh. Regardless, I thought I was a little freaked out before. Yeah, I wasn't. I am now, but I wasn't then. Sorry. My mistake.)

The sheriff's department is looking into possible animal cruelty charges against the unlicensed dog groomer. Detective Ed Troyer said this about the matter, "Once they tried to hide it and glued the ear back on, that's not good for the dog." NO kidding?! I'm thinking that the gluing on is the least of the dog's problem. I'm thinking that the "gluing on" problem comes at some point AFTER the "cutting off" problem. Oh, don't get me wrong, I'm right there with you, Ed. Especially when you mentioned that it's "not good for the dog". No, it definitely is not good for the dog (or for any other dog, for that matter).But I'm thinking the cutting off of the ear was "not good for the dog" as well. This whole thing is "not good for the dog" if you're asking me!

Ms. Sheriffius has stated that she would like it if the groomer would "never ever touch another dog." I'm with her on that one. I'd also like it if she would never, ever touch super glue either.

In conclusion, I'd like to state the obvious by saying that if you cut off the ear of a dog, do not glue it back on. There. It's been said. Problem solved.

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