Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Mugshot Goodness - Just Because

Just because.....Here's a little bit of mugshot goodness to help the week go right. They really don't need any captions as they speak (eg, shout) volumes on their own.

I'm sure that the dudes below will be taking their money that they earn from either renting or selling whatever it is that they think that can rent or sell, right on over to Floyd and Justin's tattoo guy for their own set of tattooed foreheadedness.

The woman below has lost several things and is in need of your help. She seeks "Aspirin, Details From Last Night, My Pants". Um, if you find those aspirin, I'm going to need a few after reading that.
Now, the "goon" below may have been incessantly mocked before a few days ago. But now? I'm just glad it's not on his forehead. The neck isn't much of an improvement, but it IS an improvement considering it's not on his forehead. This gentleman has potential. (I can sense these things.) I think that the confusion on his face is from looking down at said tattoo. "NOOG? What the hell is NOOG?"

The mugshot version of "There's Something About Mary".

Where do you think she gets the pen or whatever is used for those eyebrows?
Eyebrow mugshot

I KNOW! I'm thinking she borrows the pens from this guy. OK, I don't know what the story is behind this mugshot, but if it's half as funny as this picture is, it will be hilarious.

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