Sunday, March 23, 2008

55...56...57!! Move! Move! Move!

Just in time for Easter in the town of Egg Harbor (While that name sounds quaint right now, it will soon seem ironic. Read on, won't ye?), New Jersey, 57 rabbits were removed from the home of an 84 year old man who said he had been breeding them "for years". He said that he "tries to sell them especially around Easter and that is when his population swells." Yeah, rabbits tend to do that. That's because they're rabbits.

OK, 57 of any animal is a lot of animals. In reality, 57 of anything is a lot of anything. (That doesn't apply just to rabbits and animals in general. It applies to all things which you have 57 of.) But if the guy has been breeding these rabbits "for years", doesn't he know that rabbits tend to, um, do it like rabbits? (They don't call that one "Thumper" for nothing.) Is he surprised that he suddenly had 57 rabbits? I don't breed rabbits and I'm not surprised, so I can't imagine that he is.

But here's what does surprise me: The SPCA investigators (Huh. Who knew?) said that they had been investigating this situation "for TEN YEARS". Um, I know it's Easter and all, but WTF? Ten years?! You couldn't do anything about this for TEN years?! Was the cut off 56 rabbits and when you counted 57 the other day, y'all swooped in? What in the world could make it take TEN years to bust a bunny business? What the hell are they doing over there in Egg Harbor? The people. I know what the rabbits are doing. There's 57 of them, for cryin' out loud.

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