Wednesday, March 5, 2008

RIP in One Sentence Or Less

While perusing through The, I decided to check out their obituaries. I don't know why. Dead is dead in any country. But since I'm rather taken by their journalism style, I thought that their obituaries might follow a similar theme. They did not disappoint.

The UK version of the obituary, or at least the version of that of the is a very short blurb, many of which really could have and probably should have been elaborated on. But, hey, rulees are rules. (I guess. I have no idea.)

Norm O'Neill Australian batsman who had the misfortune to be compared with Bradman.

See what I mean? That's all we get! Who or what is a Bradman and what is so unfortunate about the comparison of oneself to that? I don't know either. I hope to one day learn.

Bhanubhakta Gurung, VC Gurkha rifleman who single-handedly stormed several Japanese machine-gun nests in Burma.

Definitely sounds like it warrants more than one sentence, doesn't it?

Paul Raymond Entrepreneur who amassed fortunes from nudity and property.

Absolutely warrants more than one sentence. Amassing a fortune from nudity AND property. Huh. Diverse.
Calvin Owens Trumpet-player and musical director for the guitarist BB King who became a mainstay of the blues in Belgium and Texas.

The UK is full of some very diverse fellows. Belgium AND Texas? Wow.

The Right Reverend John Yates Popular Bishop of Gloucester who later proved an inspired choice as the Archbishop of Canterbury's right-hand man.

I was unaware that the Archbishop of Canterbury HAD a right-hand man.

Brigadier John Prendergast Officer who was awarded a DSO and two MCs in a 30-year career which stretched from Waziristan to Norway.

Was awarded a what and two whats? Stretching from Wazi-where to Norway? Huh?

Lieutenant-General Dan Shomron Architect of the raid on Entebbe in 1976 and later Chief of Staff of the Israeli Defence Forces.

I've never heard of the raid on Entebbe, regardless of the year, but again, it sounds like it warrants more than a single sentence.

Mike Smith of The Dave Clark Five Mike Smith, who died on Thursday aged 64, was the singer and keyboard player in the Dave Clark Five; the group had a series of hits in the mid-1960s, and even, for brief period, rivalled the popularity and commercial success of the Beatles.

This is the guy who gets more than one sentence. The dude from the Dave Clark Five. The Telegraph felt pretty strongly about throwing in that the DCF briefly rivalled the Beatles and their success. Briefly.

Well, at least we know how the priorities stack up over there at the Telegraph.

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