Saturday, May 3, 2008

Third Time's Alarming

Stephanie Ragusa Mugshot Number OneWhat's that saying? First time, shame on you; second time, shame on me? It's something like that. So if that covers the first and the second time, what do you do the third time? Well, if you're Stephanie Ragusa of Tampa, FL, you just repeat the first and second time again. So, how would that go? Oh, that's right....have sex with underage boy, get arrested; have sex with underage boy, get arrested; have sex with underage boy, get arrested. Oh, and please try and do all of this within a 6 week time frame. WTF?!

Ragusa, 29, was arrested for the third time within the past 6 weeks and charged with unlawful sexual activity with a minor. Would it surprise you to know that she was a middle school teacher in Tampa in January of 2007? Of course it wouldn't. Though it might surprise you to learn that's when she struck up a relationship with a 14 year old student that apparently carried on until March 13, 2008 when she was arrested and charged with having sex with a minor. (That kind of surprised me. Well, until I put it in perspective, that is. I mean, a 14-year old boy isn't really consistent with much. But if he was able to sleep with his teacher? That would speed up the ol' consistency development a little bit now, wouldn't it?)
Stephanie Ragusa waiting outside court
In February of that same year, she struck up a relationship with another student. But she was trying to go for the more mature students and chose one that was 15-years old this time. And again, the consistency development sped right up in that lad as well and they went at it until she was arrested for the second time on April 15 and charged with (surprise!) having sex with a(nother) minor. (Why does the phrase "lather, rinse, repeat" keep popping into my head?)

Let's see, so between March 13th and April 15th would be 33 days. 33 days she was able to go without getting caught having sex with a minor. Stephanie Ragusa Mugshot Number TwoThat must have been a fluke because on April 28, not even 2 weeks after the second arrest, she was arrested for a third time (as she was coming out of the boy's house at the same time the detective arrived to speak to the boy about the case. Awkward.). And, since consistency would be the theme of this twisted saga, she was charged with having sex with a minor. There might not be a fourth time, as she is in jail waiting a bail hearing. See, when you're already out on bail and then you do the same boneheaded thing again and, oh, yeah, again they tend to not want to let you out on bail anymore. So she's sitting in jail away from teenage boys and awaiting a bail hearing while her lawyers use the time "to prepare". (Prepare themselves or prepare her defense is what I'd like to know.)

Among some of the evidence that tends to point to her being guilty of really enjoying sex with teenage boys would be the cell phone video that one of the boy's friends took of Ragusa and the boy while they were kissing after they had emerged from a bedroom in the boy's house after having sex. Huh? I don't know that I'd be all that big on having one of my friends take a video of me with their cell phone as I'm making out with someone else. I mean, I know I'm not a teenage boy, but I think that's a little odd.

Doesn't appear that there's a brain cell to be found in there
But I don't think it's as odd as the "love notes and gifts" one of the boys said that he had received from Ragusa as well as "a last will and testament that was signed by Ragusa." OK, that's it. WTF? I can overlook the love notes and gifts. (I wonder what she gave him. Directions to her house? Condoms? These little details are always left out!) But I'm having a bit of difficulty noodling through the handwritten will that she's putting in the hands of a 15-year old boy. What was she planning on leaving him? Her orange jumpsuit?

Hopefully, this woman will be able to take a few cold showers while she's in jail awaiting a bailMary Kay Letourneau Pre-Seven Years In Jail hearing that may or may not take place any time soon. Actually, a good long soak in a tub full of ice might do her some good also. But really, I don't see this ending well for ol' Stephanie there. (I mean, if we're going strictly by the pictures here, she doesn't exactly look upset or anything. Granted, she's probably not enjoying herself as much as when she was having all of the teenager sex, but she doesn't look distraught.) No, I'm seeing more of a 7 years in jail a la Mary Kay Letourneau ending for this one. (Granted, Mary Kay ended up marrying her child sex partner, but that was AFTER the 7 years in jail. See, it just doesn't seem worth it when you put it like that, does it?) Especially if things are starting to catch up to this chick, as it would appear that they are. I mean, she can go over a year having sex with not one, but TWO underage boys and not get caught and then BAM! (and BAM! BAM!) She gets busted three times within 6 weeks. If that's not karma catching up with you, I don't know what is.

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