Thursday, May 22, 2008


Over across the pond there in Cornwall (that's in England) the Newquay Coast Guard Rescue Team was called in to rescue Arnold after he became stranded down on a beach and was unable to walk back up the 130 stairs to the cliff top above, and just as the tide was starting to come in as well. It took six people to get Arnold off of the beach and into a lifeboat so that they could go around the coast to get him back on land. It took them a while to pull this rescue off. Oh, did I mention that Arnold is a 210 pound St. Bernard? I didn't? He is. Behold!

OK, now that is a BFD (Big Fat Dog) if I've ever seen one. Here's the scoop. According to our friends over there at the Daily Mail, Arnold and his owner, walked down the 130 steps to Whipsiderry Beach below this big cliff (it's in the photo below if you can't picture it). That went just fine. But when it came time to go back UP the steps, that was problematic for Arnold. As if being 210 pounds isn't enough of a burden, the BFD is apparently rather old and just didn't have it in him to lug his 210 pounds up 130 stairs. So he didn't. He sat down and wouldn't move.

Arnold's owner said that she knew that once he got down those stairs that he wouldn't be going back up them. (And yet, oddly enough, even with that knowledge she continued to take the dog down to the beach. Interesting.) And when you've got a BFD on a beach in a cove with the tide coming in, well, if the dog doesn't get out of there, it's not going to end well. Oh, and Arnold also is a BFD who does not like getting his feet wet. (You know, for a St. Bernard, a breed that is typically thought of as a brave rescue dog, Arnold sure is somewhat of a wussy. A dog who doesn't like to get his feet wet. WTF is up with that?)

Members of the rescue team gave Arnold a snack (a questionable move for a dog that already weighs 210 pounds, but I guess that in the interest of getting him out of there, I can see where it might have been necessary) and while he busied himself with that, they got a net around him and then SIX of them carried him to a lifeboat. I'm surprised it wasn't a lifebarge.

The rescue workers were concerned that he wouldn't fit in the lifeboat, but apparently he did. (My concern wouldn't have been so much that he wouldn't fit in the boat. No, my concern would have been whether or not a BFD-laden boat would float at all. That would have been MY concern.) But not only did the BFD fit, the boat stayed afloat and he was boated around the coast where the rescue crew carried him up the road because he was exhausted. (Exhausted? Exhausted from what? He's been lying on a beach for hours, someone gave him a snack, they carried him in a net to a boat, then he boated to shore. What in the heck is there for him to be exhausted from? He just sat there the entire time!) The rescue crew was happy to help out and said that Arnold "was fine, just very old." And pretty smart too, I have the feeling.

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