Thursday, May 1, 2008

Google Hot Trends for April 30, 2008

I was going to list a few of the Hot Trends for the last day of April. But as I was looking at the list of the Top 100 Hot Trends for the day I realized a couple of things. One, Google really should consider doing a Hot Trends Monthly version. Just to see how much of the daily randomness would repeat itself throughout the month. Two, they need to find a way to combine all of the Hot Trends for a day that are the same but show up as separate items because of the spelling. Like with Def Leppard yesterday. There was "def leopard" and "deaf leopard". Both wrong, but both the same fabulous group of guys from the 80s.

But that brings me to the Hot Trends for April 30. There are many, many repetitive entries that should be combined into one. Those would be:
  • Paula Abdul. Paula had a bit of a brain cramp on American Idol Tuesday night, when she was giving her opinion. (I use that term loosely. Can this woman ever finish a complete sentence AND have it make sense? You know when you put your iPod on "Shuffle" and it just randomly picks out songs? When Paula speaks, it's like someone put her vocabulary on "Shuffle". You never know what's coming out nor in what order.) Paula started off reviewing Jason's first song and then she continued on to review the second song that he sang. The problem? He only sang one song. Oooh. Awkward. And people wanted to know about that by phrasing it many different ways. 7 of the Top 100 were Paula Abdul.

  • American Idol. This could probably be grouped with the Paula Abdul one, only it seems as if the searches for Idol were interested in who got booted off, so it's going to be separate. 8 of the Top 100 were American Idol related.

  • Any of the Top Five American Idol finalists or the two Musical Guest Artists (Neil Diamond and Natasha Bedingfield tonight) could be grouped into a category in the Top 100 Hot Trends. 8 of the Top 100 Trends would be in this category.

Those three alone total 23 spots on the list. That makes the Top 100 Hot Trends more like the Top 80 Hot Trends. But it's not like the American Idol related trends are the only ones that repeat.

  • There were 5 related to Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream (single scoops of ice cream were 31 cents tonight. The line went around the freaking building at the one over here.).

  • There were 5 related to Sean Avery (New York Rangers hockey forward who was initially thought to have had a heart attack, but that report was later changed to a "ruptured spleen". Those two seem pretty different to me, but what do I know? I don't even like hockey.)

  • There were 5 related to the Federal Reserve board (There was talk that the Fed was going to lower interest rates again. They did not disappoint and lowered the interest rate by a quarter of a point so that prime is now at 2 percent. Again, how does this help? Anything?)

By combining the above three categories into just 3 items, we are now at the Top 68 Hot Trends. This is starting to seem a little useless. And that's disappointing because I love The Goog. I hate to bag on them, but come on. 68 is not 100. Even Paula Abdul could agree with that.

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