Saturday, May 3, 2008

Let Go Of Your Nutz! They're Safe!

Truck Nutz Update!

Remember a little while ago when Senator Carey Baker of Florida was trying to get a little provision tucked away inside of a highway safety bill that would have made it illegal to attach a replica of a sac of bull testicles to the rear bumper of cars? That's right, the Senator with too much time on his hands! Good, you remember. Well, turns out that there was quite the heated debate over there between the Florida lawmakers over this particular item within the bill. And those who see nothing wrong with having your bumper sport an uncanny likeness of male genitalia were the ones who prevailed!
Senator Jim King had voice the most opposition to the banning of the "Truck Nutz". That's probably because he's sporting a set on his vehicle. Well, he was. Until his wife made him remove them because she thought that they were "embarrassing". (I can see where he was coming from. Seems as if he'd already lost one set of Nutz, he didn't want to lose two.)

I didn't hear what it was that made Sen. Baker decide to give up his quest to make the roads of Florida fake-testicle-ornamentation-free. All he said was "there was no outlawing of repugnant dangling particples on trucks in SB 1992." He also added, "I've given up. And I have no intention of trying again." And that makes it sound like everyone's Nutz are safe for a while.

And since Senator King and several others felt rather strongly about being able to display these like-like testicles from their vehicle (because that's what America is all about!), I have a question. Would they have felt so strongly about allowing this practice to continue if, instead of hanging a replica of male genitalia from the bumpers of cars, people were hanging a replica of female genitalia from the bumpers of cars? Chew on that Think about that for a while.

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