Wednesday, May 21, 2008

.336 in Sweden in English

Do you know what the legal blood-alcohol limit is in Sweden? Here in the US, for the majority of the states, the BAC is .08 percent. (No one really knows what that means and no one really cares what that means unless they've been pulled over and are blowing into a plastic tube) But in Sweden? According to The Local, Sweden's News In English, the legal BAC (in Swedish or English) is .02 percent. .02?? My BAC is .02 if I smell alcohol. Are you kidding me? .02? Wow. They run a tight ship, those Swedes.

But just because they run a tight ship, doesn't mean that some of the crew can go overboard once in a while. And one of them did. Apparently, a 22 year old guy from Varberg (that's in western Sweden) was arrested for drunk driving after slamming into a wall. I'm sure he must have reeked of alcohol, which, aside from the wall slamming, must have prompted the police to have him blow into the Swedish plastic tube. And when he did, jackpot! He set the record for the most intoxicated individual in Sweden's history with a BAC of (better sit down) .336 percent.

.336 percent?! That is 16.8 TIMES the legal limit of .02 in Sweden (whether you're Swedish OR English)! How was he even conscious, let alone driving around?! (Well, until that wall got in his way.). Here's the best part: The officers were lenient when they read the results and went with the lower end of the margin for error. So having one third of your blood level composed of alcohol was a conservative estimate in this case. Holy canoli.

And the guy is only 22! That's not going to give him much to aim for later on in life, having already reached this milestone so soon. The guy who had previously held this dubious distinction was a 21-year old who had a BAC of around .294 percent. (Is that all? Amateur.) So the 22-year old easily beat the 21-year old by at least 10 percent? Wow.

According to Professor Wayne Jones, a professor in experimental alcohol research somewhere over there in Sweden, "Several years of high alcohol consumption can give an individual an increased tolerance for higher levels of alcohol. But to only be 22-years-old and have a blood-alcohol level near .36 percent while driving appears to be exceptional." At the very least.

The dude must be like Keith Richards. I mean, show me one person who is not totally amazed that Keith Richards is even vertical and coherent these days, not to mention ALIVE. Sure, he fell out of that coconut tree last year, but something like that was long overdue for Keith. The kid must have the same kind of super tolerance levels (which should have basically embalmed him at this point.).

If that's the case, he might need to rely on that "super tolerance" soon, as he has recently been indicted.

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