Saturday, May 31, 2008

Swedish Girls on Swedish Girls In English

News flash from Sweden in English! Swedish headline in English read: "Swedish Teen Girls Have More Sex With One Another." I love Sweden.

Now, while this doesn't seem like it was concluded from what I would consider to be a "scientific study", let's not let a minor little detail like the validity of the results ruin a good thing here, shall we? The researcher is a woman named Gun Rembeck (pretty). The article from the fine folks across the pond at The Local says that Gun is the primary researcher for this study and that she is also a midwife. Huh. Diverse. Anyway, according to the new dissertation from the Sahlgrenska Academy in Gothenburg (that's in Sweden), more teenage girls than boys have had sex with someone of the same gender (ie, another girl).

And while that doesn't surprise me, Gun, the midwife, said that she wasn't surprised at the results either and neither were her co-workers when she shared the results with them. I work at the youth health centre and asked the staff there what they thought before I told them about the results. They answered right away that there are more girls." And while that's mildly interesting, it's also a no-brainer. Don't get me wrong, I'd have to say that teenage boys are hornier than teenage girls (although the difference between the two is like the difference between winning a million dollars and winning a million and ten dollars. Even though one is larger than the other, it's still a heck of a lot and you're going to be pretty darn happy if you have either one.). But I don't know many males, let alone teenage males (of which I think I might know 3) who, just because they're looking for someplace to point it, are going to choose another male But chicks? If they're looking for a little "intimacy" with someone (and by "intimacy" I mean "sex") and there's not a guy around? Sure, she'll do. Why not?

And while that's a no-brainer for me to figure out, even though it doesn't surprise Gun, the midwife, she doesn't get it. "It may be that girls feel their way forward (pun intended, Gun?) without identifying themselves and either homo- or heterosexual. There is less of a taboo for girls. During their teenage years girls are often a bit more intimate with each other in their own way. (Um, well, it's not really their own way. I mean, it's the way of others as well. And while there may be lots of "ways", I'm pretty sure it's a finite number overall.) Boys are often more worried, afraid to diverge, and the expressed norm is to not be homosexual." I don't know if it's so much that the boys are afraid to diverge as much as they are afraid to bend over. It's a whole different ball of wax (which really shouldn't be brought into these scenarios at all during these early stages. You want to talk about causing confusion? A ball of wax will do just that.)

Apparently there were 440 17 year old girls and boys who were questioned for this study. 6.1 percent (about 26 or 27) of girls admitted to bumping funky with another girl and 1.7 percent (about 7 or 8) of the guys admitted to having gone Brokeback Mountain at some point. Rembeck, the midwife, said that she thinks that girls are "more inclined to experiment than boys are". I'm going to assume she's referring only to the same-sex sex activities here and not just in general. If she were making that statement in general, she's obviously unaware of some of the "experiments" that teenage boys will perform. (Trust me. There's a reason guys know exactly how many Oreo cookies one can fit into their mouth at one time.)

Rembeck, the midwife, added that, "It’s possible that girls who know they are oriented toward homosexuality have become sexually active earlier than boys." I swear, I hope it didn't take this study for her to come to that conclusion. Well, of course if you know something sooner than someone else knows something then you're going to be having sex with girls before they're having sex with boys. Or something like that. (I really have to look into getting myself one of the scientist gigs.)

So what have we learned? Learned? Are you kidding? After reading "Swedish Teen Girls Have More Sex With One Another", no one was paying attention. I was writing the thing and I wasn't even paying attention!

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