Saturday, May 24, 2008

Detroit Is Screwed

Welcome to MichiganI'm pretty sure I've been to Michigan. At least once. But I don't think I've ever been to Detroit. Regardless, there are a lot of places I have never been that I know at least a couple of things about. And Detroit is right in that mix. I know a couple of things about Detroit, but the Detroit City Council is another story. I don't know anything about it. I don't know what the issues are that they deal with. I don't know anything about the people that serve as council members. Oh, wait, that last one isn't totally true. I don't know specifics about the Detroit City council members, but I know a couple of things about a couple of them, mainly that they shouldn't be council members.

Monica Conyers, disrespectful Detroit Council memberLook, even though I don't know what Detroit deals with in terms of a functioning as a city, I do know that if the video below is typical of the council meetings there, Detroit is screwed. Here's what we've got: Detroit City Council President Pro Tem Monica Conyers (a President Pro Tem is kind of like being Vice President. Hunting and accidentally shooting your buddy are optional.) got into a shouting match (yes, shouting match) with Council President Ken Cockrel during a special investigative session involving a lawsuit settlement and a police whistle-blower. (I think when they say "whistle-blower" they don't mean the kind that directs traffic and actually has a whistle. I think they mean the other kind of "whistle-blower". Just so we're clear.) Great.

Apparently, Conyers asked the testifying independent attorney if Detroit residents could sue the council because they approved an $8.4-million lawsuit settlement. That's when Councilwoman JoAnn Watson felt the need to cover her ass and said: "They can sue you; I voted no." Conyers, who would seem to be just a joy to work with, told Watson she needed to stop interrupting because it was disrespecting her. She also felt the need to throw in, "We all know how you voted; you don't have to keep repeating it." (Translation: "I'm kind of pissed because I might be screwed here.")

Ken Cockrel. A fine looking man who does NOT resemble Shrek.But apparently, the interrupting is only disrespectful if it is someone else who is interrupting Conyers because she had no problem interrupting Council President Ken Cockrel as he was questioning someone. Cockrel then engages in some gavel banging that seems to be rather futile in this instance. (It also seems to be the only situation in which gavel banging is even an option. We should consider giving the gavel some sort of a role in more situations. It'd be different. Possibly even fun. Definitely a bit wacky.) But then it starts to get weird.

I'm not a big fan of the "Who's your daddy?" line or any line involving the term "daddy". (Even Puff Daddy sounds/sounded ridiculous.) So when a Council President Pro Tem tells the Council President "You're not my daddy." any and all respect that one might have had for the individual doing the "daddy" calling is gone (and never to return in most instances). HOW did this woman end up as a Detroit City Council member? How?! (Any answers you might have, please hang onto them until after you've seen the clip below. You'll be just a puzzled, I promise. You'll forget any logical explanation you might have concocted because there isn't any logic to be found anywhere near that Council meeting.)

See what I mean? Sorry, Detroit, but you're screwed. Come on, she called the THIS is Shrek.dude 'Shrek', for cryin' out loud! Who does that? (Aside from her? No one. I hope.) And here's an interesting (and frightening) little fact that I just learned.....Conyers is President Pro Tem for the Detroit City Council, but do you know who is President Pro Tem for the US Senate? That's right. It's West Virginia's favorite 140 year old US Senator, Robert Byrd! Unbelievable. I see a trend. Granted, it's only TWO President Pro Tems who are both just a tad unfit to serve in a capacity that is supposed to benefit the public, but it's an odd (and somewhat disturbing) coincidence at the very least. Where's my gavel?

More gavel, please.

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Anonymous said...

U should see the clip of her arguing with 1 of the school children she meets with..she is unbelievable..can u spell whack job...wonder what her husband is

Mare said...

Oh, my. I just watched that clip (thanks for that!) and, well, at least she's consistent. Consistently whacked. That woman is unbelievable. Wow. Does she HAVE a husband?! How did THAT happen? (Let me guess, he's not Shrek?)