Thursday, May 1, 2008


You think you know a car company. Until you see one of their TV ads in another country. That's when you say, "WTF?" Or, in this case, "WTFF?" (WTF Ford?)

The very smart folks over there at had this ad for the Ford KA. The KA is a CAR that is manufactured in Spain and Brazil. According to Ford's website, the KA is "A small car with big ideas. Fun-loving and spontaneous, the Ford Ka lives for the moment. With its unmistakable styling, superb driving dynamics and a catch-me-if-you-can attitude, this is a small car with big ideas. Whatever you’re into, the Ford Ka wants to be part of the action. " That description makes it sound as if the KA has posted it's profile on and is hoping to meet a nice Hyundai or something.

The profile description continues,"With a passion for life and a mischievous nature, you’ll find Ford Ka where the action is. From the stylish and affordable Ka Studio to the well-appointed Ka Zetec Climate or the racy Sportka SE, the Ford Ka oozes attitude." It could just be me, but I don't think that any product should "ooze" anything. Not even if you're selling ooze itself. No oozing.

The KA interior is described as liking long walks on the beach, candlelit dinners.....and "Because life’s about seizing every opportunity – and creating some fantastic memories, flexible 50/50 split rear seats and a handy glovebox mean you can bring whatever you need for your latest adventure. And with a comfortable and stylish interior you’ll never fail to make a statement." Huh. Creating some "fantastic memories" within the interior of a car that's oozing. Subtle, Ford. Very subtle. But then things start to get weird.

Below is the TV ad for the KA. Um, I don't quite get it.

I suppose that the point is that it has a lot of room and can hold a lot of people. I guess? But couldn't they have made that point without that weird monster creature? It looks like the Grimace (from McDonald's) on steroids. And he's eating everyone in your car. Presumably because your car is oozing people? I don't know but it's odd. (The commercial, that is. I have no clue about the KA. And I question whether or not Ford does either.)

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