Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Misfortune of Shoddy Blogging

From what I can tell so far, the hot topic for the day would appear to be lesbians. Now, for some, that's nothing new. For some "every day is lesbian lover day". But for others, it's just the topic du jour. Why lesbians? Why now? Glad you asked and welcome aboard! Here's the thing:

In a previous post, I went off on Dimitris Lambrou. Lambrou, a self proclaimed "activist" (with no details on what he actually activates) is suing the Homosexual and Lesbian Community of Greece in order to get the women to stop calling themselves "lesbians". That's because Lambrou claims that only those who are residents of the Greek island Lesbos can be lesbians. What a moron. But that's not new either.

Apparently, Lambrou (who I'm kind of starting to think is a lesbian trapped in a man's body or something like that. Why does he care?) had wrote an article/essay/rant entitled "The Misfortune of Being Lesbian". And that's all well and good. But this morning, I read a comment on the ol' blog here that says that the article he wrote is referring to the residents of Lesbos having the misfortune, not the other lesbos having the misfortune. Really? Hmmm....

Now, I might mock everything and everyone right and left that deserves to be mocked, but I do so with accuracy. I'm not making crap up here. All of my contrite opinions are based purely on the apparent stupidity and inaneness of others and their actions. So if this thing is about the islanders and not the mainlanders (?) (Lord knows we're not mainstreamers. Yet.), well, I would need to correct myself. So I set out to find it. That's when I realized that I really need to start being OK with shoddy blogging.

Look, no one wants to waste their time reading a bunch of crap online that's just that - crap. Especially if they're looking for information as opposed to opinion or commentary based on opinion. That's why I like to be informative and provide accurate information of situations and THEN add the opinion or commentary that all seven of you who actually read this have come to know and enjoy. (And I thank each and every one of those seven.) But it would seem as if I'm the only one. Do you think I could find "The Misfortune of Being Lesbian" anywhere? Even though, in every blog or article that I read about this ordeal mentioned it? Even though they all mentioned that it was "published on his website"? Do you think ANY of them included his website? Do you think ANY of them mentioned the name of his website? No, no, and NO.

I have spent way too long this morning trying to find the text of the Lesbianian Misfortunes or whatever the hell it is. And I can find many, many people who are extremely adept at the ol' "cut and paste from other sources that they won't cite" maneuver. But I couldn't find the name of his website, I couldn't find the website and I couldn't find his masterpiece detailing the finer points of the reasoning behind the unnecessary renaming of female homosexuals across the globe. Couldn't find it. Sorry.

Look, I assumed that the title spoke for itself. And since I'm not from the island of Lesbos, I wouldn't assume that it referred to them. Since Lambrou seems to think that the lesbians (the other ones. The ones who like other lesbians. Or just other women. We're really not all that discriminate all the time.) should be called something else, I'm thinking that sounds "unfortunate", or that the mis-identified lesbians are experiencing a "misfortune" in that instance.

Think about it. If you went through your whole life being called "Bob" and then one day, someone told you that you can't be called "Bob" any more. Would you feel as if you had experienced a "misfortune"? Of course you would. (Sorry, Bob Steve.) And that's how I interpreted "The Misfortune of Being Lesbian". And given my explanation, it's a reasonable interpretation and I'm not changing my previous post (because it's funny like it is). If Dimitris Lambrou would like to pull his secret manuscript out of the titanium vault and share the whole thing, as opposed to just the title, with others, well, some of us would appreciate it. Others won't give a fat rat's ass if what they write is accurate or not. But some of us do. And those who do are now really kind of curious as to what that thing actually says.

Thanks for the comment. Next time, don't make it Anonymous so I can get back to you. If you have the text of "The Misfortune of Being Lesbian" or you know where I can find it online or even if you know what the URL of Lambrou's website where the elusive document supposedly lives, please, do tell. And now, if you'll excuse me, I have some misfortune to get back to.

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Mischa said...

The "essay" is in Greek, which may be why it was difficult to find! The url, for what it's worth:

I've just posted a comment myself on this...