Monday, April 7, 2008

Um, You're Doing That The Wrong Way

A prison guard in some place called Praire du Chien, Wisconsin was in court to answer to charges accusing him of sexually assaulting inmates at the prison. Now, while this sounds like something you've heard about before, I'm not quite sure that you have. It didn't quite go the way I expected it to go. That's also to say it didn't quite go the way I thought it was supposed to go. Let's see what you think.

James Trentin, 58, is the guard. He brought the inmates "treats" such as candy, toothpaste, soap and chewing tobacco in exchange for the sexual acts. Apparently, this has been going on for about a year and a half, according to the complaint. Trentin would take the male inmates into a private telephone room and commence with the sexual acts. Yes, and that is when Tretin would then pull down the pants of the inmates and he would perform oral sex on them. (See? I told you it wasn't what you thought it was.) OK, then it starts to get weird.
In exchange for the sexual acts, Trentin would give them the stuff he had brought in from the outside (the candy, soap, etc.). In exchange? These inmates....they're in prison, right? And this guard....he's not "assaulting" them in the way that one usually associates the term "assault" with the term "prison", right? I mean, these prisoners....they have a guard who is not making them perform oral sex on him, but instead is making them let him perform oral sex on them? And they had a problem with that?

Yo, prisoner dudes! News flash! That's not how it goes in other prisons! What in the world are you complaining about?! You get a blow job AND chewing tobacco! Your life in prison is SO good and you (apparently) have NO idea!! Look, I don't know what else goes on over there in your Wonderland/Happy Town Prison over yonder, but I can guarantee you, it's not quite like that in other prisons. Oh, no! In fact, I'd guess that if you're complaining about someone giving you oral sex and not forcing you to perform oral sex acts (or many other likely to be unpleasant male-on-male sex acts) on them, well, I'd guess you'd be quite surprised at how it works in other prisons in this country. You'd be surprised AND you'd be unhappy!

Also (pun totally intended, but only by me and likely not by the guy who said this), a spokesperson for the Wisconsin Department of Corrections said that Mr. Westin's is "the biggest case we've ever seen." Well, OK, then.

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1 comment: said...

You hit upon quite a bit of truth when you question the odd exchange of favors here. What you so rightly notice as not making sense is because this is a railroad job.

This officer is having his life ruined to please one monomaniacal staff person out to destroy someone for career advancement.

And none of it is true.