Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Google Trends April 29, 2008

Today's Google Hot Trends are odd. Especially the top 20. You know, for such a wide variety of search topics, presumably made by people who want to know more about said topic, we sure are a nation of idiots in a lot of ways. Go figure.
  • #1 keoni kai lucas (Apparently the co-founder of the Puinsai Clothing Company. Yep, right up until his car collided with a tree in Santa Monica, CA on April 27, 2008.)

  • #2 homophone (Seriously? Number TWO Hot Trend of the day? A homophone?)

  • #4 hcg diet (Extreme calorie reduction along with injections of human chorionic gonadotrophic hormone, the hcg. Huh. I see.)

  • #5 anwar (That's it. Just anwar. WTF?)

  • #6 charles nelson riley (The gay Match Game guy? Again, WTF?)

  • #8 butterfly with hiccups (No clue. Sounds too cutesy for me to even feign interest.)

  • #14 def leopard (This one I can fathom. They were on 'Dancing With The Stars' tonight, which I cannot fathom. Clearly a new phenomenon to most doing the trendy searching as it is spelled Def Leppard.)

  • #17 a full cup (Please don't ask of what? I don't know.)

  • #42 synonym of too (At NUMBER FORTY TWO?!?! OF HOT TRENDS?!?!)

  • #87 john daly shirtless (I've seen it. Trust me. It's not pretty. Avert your eyes. Never look directly at it.)

  • #100 american idol april 29 (They did Neil Diamond songs. Paula thought they did more Neil Diamond songs than they actually did. Oh, like you're surprised?)

And as long as I'm on the subject of Hot Trends, here's something that you should really consider making a hot trend of your own. From the website: The best programming in Utah comes from community-driven, independent and enthusiastic Utah Free Media (UtahFM). With over 30 years experience creating interesting and engaged content, UtahFM is uniquely positioned to provide high-quality, high-enjoyment content via the Internet. We are, and always have been, listener and volunteer driven, and aim to serve as the community's host radio station. Listen as the feed flows, or pick your favorite shows from our archive for an adventure of your own choosing.

Good music from good people. There's a link on the right under the 'Linkage' heading. (I'm sure that they'll be linking to me any moment now. I can feel it!)

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MP said...

Link, eh?

Done and done:

Thanks for the kind words. Be sure to listen, starting Monday morning. :]

-Mike Place
Co-Founder, UtahFM

Mare said...

Thanks and you're welcome! Monday morning. You've got it! =)

Patrick said...