Monday, April 28, 2008

Google Hot Trends April 27, 2008

Yesterday's Hot Trends, according to Google, centered mainly around the NFL draft picks and the TV show "Big Brother" (aka "Big Brother 9". Good God. NINE?) There were a few that seemed oddly out of place amongst this mix. A few of those being:

  • #19 - red chicory (Some sort of vegetable? Probably in conjunction w/#64.)

  • #51 - doug henning (The magician? From 1976? Really? Why?)

  • #53 - antonin scalia (The Supreme Court Justice. Interesting.)

  • #58 - shut up and let me go (OK. Done!)

  • #64 - artichokes (OK, what the hell was Rachel Ray making?)

  • #78 - waiting (that's it. Waiting. For what? For how long? I don't know.)

An interesting mix. Newly drafted football players, the NINTH season finale of a reality show (that I didn't even know was still on TV), some vegetables, a judge, a magician (who could be the love child of Greg Brady and Magnum, P.I.), one who waits and one who would prefer to flee in silence. Go figure.


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