Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A Gun, Some Bees, and Some Liquor

So many more things sound like good ideas when you're drunk, don't they? Eating contests. Feats of strength. Elaborate story telling to strangers. All very, very good ideas when one is just hammered. But when that alcohol wears off in a day or two and you're left lying on the living room sofa with your killer hangover, that's when eating those 32 frozen burritos (still frozen) does not seem like the best idea you ever had. David Walls probably thought the same thing when he came to, except that instead of regretting the frozen burrito extravaganza, he was probably thinking that his drunken bee hunt wasn't such a good idea. Wait. His what?

From the fine folks over there at WRTA.com in Pennsylvania, 57-year old David Walls was on a bender and a bunch of bees flew above him. Naturally, he did the only thing that a drunken Canoe Creek man would do. That's correct, he retrieved his .22 caliber rifle that was loaded with buckshot and began a-firin'. But when you're drunk and you're trying to shoot at bees, that could pose a problem because of all of the things like look like bees when you're drunk. Like your own hand.

Yes, the idiot shot himself in the hand. Walls and his hand chock full o'shot were treated at the hospital and sent on their way. Those frozen burritos were probably sounding pretty good right about the time the buckshot went through his flesh. Yep. Alcohol was definitely involved.

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