Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Have Another & Try To Enjoy Yourself This Time

Aw, you knew it was going to come to this. I'm just surprised it didn't happen sooner. Hillary Clinton, campaigning in Indiana, stopped in at Bronko's Restaurant in Crown Point and had a glass of beer and downed a shot of whiskey with the mayor of Hammond, Indiana, Tom McDermott and with the owner of the bar, Nick Tarailo.

Now, it's hard to say if the Senator actually intended to drink the entire shot, given that first little sip that she took. I think that she might have been hoping she could get out of it, being as how most people do a shot in, well, a shot. You're not sipping tea at noon there, Hill. It's whiskey.

Why do politicians do this? I mean, I know they're out looking for votes and I know they're out looking for people listen to them spew whatever it is that they're spewing. But I'm talking about the go-out-into-Small-Town, USA-and-do-something-for-thirty-minutes-with-the-locals-to-show-that-I'm-one-of-them bit that they do. Do people really buy that stuff or do the candidates just think that they do? It's one or the other and I can't figure out which one. And although I'm all for kicking back and having a drink or two at the local pub, I'd rather have an elected official that at least looks like they're enjoying themselves when they do it.

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