Friday, April 4, 2008

From The Files Of "You're A Dumb Ass"

There seems to be a little trend happening in this country lately that involves female schoolteachers having sex with their young male students. I can't really explain why it is that these teachers don't seem to think that their sexual adventure with their child sex partner will continue to go undiscovered until the boy graduates. From college.

In reality (something these teachers are clearly out of touch with), these things seem to rarely go undiscovered until the end of the week. And then the teachers get arrested. And then they have to go to court. And then they have to stay away from kids. And their job. Forever. But they don't. It must be all of that animal magnetism of the teenage boy, usually scrawny, almost always pale, often sporting a bad haircut, that just continues to draw them into the curious, lustful world of illegal sex with an underage student. (Look, there has to be some sort of an explanation. That's all I've got!)

And it is totally expected, even after being instructed by a court not to have any contact, that the student and teacher will be all over each other again (and soon). What is not totally expected is for them to be all over each other again and doing it again it an hour before the teacher is to appear in court for just that very reason. That's a little unexpected.

It seems that in West Bend, Wisconsin, teacher Jaime Foss was scheduled to appear in court on Wednesday at 1:15pm. It was that same Wednesday at noon when she was arrested after a police officer was investigating a theft which the 15-year old child lover of hers was a suspect. When the officers went to the high school to talk to the boy, he wasn't there. So the officers went to his home to see if he was there. He was. So was she. I'll let you fill in the details with what they were doing. (Hint: It wasn't homework.) Naturally, she was arrested. And that whole "needing-to-be-in-court-in-an-hour-but-having-sex-with-a-15-year-old-first" thing is probably why she wasn't let out on bail and was still in jail on Wednesday evening. Probably.

What a dumb ass. An HOUR?! I mean, come on! If you have something to do in an hour and the "something" is "go to court to answer to charges that you've been fornicating with a student" it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that you shouldn't "fornicate with said student" during that hour!

You know, I suppose that if this is what it takes to get ridiculously idiotic individuals like this woman out of teaching positions (and other positions), well, then, I guess that's what it takes. (It's not like the boy wasn't perfectly willing to oblige.) High school students have enough problems. They don't need to have ass clowns like this chick "teaching" them.

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Zololkis said...
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Anonymous said...

just to let you know... she's wasn't his teacher. she wasn't even a teacher at all.