Friday, April 11, 2008

"Idol Gives Back" Fergie & Heart

I can admit (sort of) that I totally get into American Idol. Simon is totally my hero. Randy and Paula? Not so much. (Randy is sort of like the anchor of the trio and Paula is like that crazy aunt that gets drunk at Thanksgiving and starts rambling and no one knows what she's talking about, but they just humor her and pass the potatoes.) And while I may be into American Idol, I'm not so much into this Idol Gives Back thing. I suppose it's a good idea and all. (But they're really not giving back to those in this country, so the "back" part doesn't really fit. "Idol Gives". That would be fine. Sort of. Although this season, it's more like "What Gives With Idol?" But I digress.) I guess I just wish that they did it after the whole show was over. That way it would be kind of like a bonus. (Come on. You know you have minor withdrawal symptoms that first week after the finale when Idol isn't on. Admit it.)

But this time, I didn't care if Idol was "giving" or "giving back" or "taking", for that matter. Hell, they could have been stealing from orphans I wouldn't have cared because they had Fergie and Heart doing "Barracuda". Holy canoli. First, the Heart chicks. "Barracuda" was released in 1977. (That's 31 years ago for those of you not willing to do the math.) If you're playing your song on the #1 TV show in the United States and it is 31 years after you first released it and you still sound freaking awesome and everyone still totally digs your song, you've done something right. Ann Wilson still sounds awesome. And Nancy Wilson kicks ass on that guitar. Nice job, ladies.

And speaking of nice job, then there was Fergie. Again, holy canoli. That chick is haw-t. If you weren't sure if you should go with the HDTV dealio, let me just tell you that Fergie is what HDTV was made for. Oh, my God. And that chick has some pipes. She sounded and looked awesome. (I don't know how she poured herself into those pants, but I'd like to find out. And that journey of discovery would need to start with watching her do a couple more of those cartwheels in those pants. Good Lord. And on network TV as well! Idol can give me THAT back ANY time it would like!) If I wasn't a Fergie fan before that (and I don't think I really was), I sure as hell am now. Perhaps you, too, may be converted (if you haven't been already). Regardless, that performance is nothing less than enjoyable.

The one thing I just didnt' get, however, is why everyone in that arena/theater/studio/whatever it is, was sitting down. EVERYONE. Sitting there. You've got Fergie and Heart on stage and everyone is politely in their seats. WHY? There had to have been some sort of rule because you can't get an entire group of people in any setting to all do the same thing unless they're told to. I just don't know how they were all able to contain themselves and sit there. I would have had difficulty with that instruction. To say the least.

Behold! Heart and Fergie performing "Barracuda" at this year's "Idol Gives Back" filler show.

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