Friday, April 18, 2008

One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other

A woman in Maryland has given birth to a set of quadruplets 11 weeks prematurely. Three of the four boys are identical. This occurence, which has been given the catchy little title of "identical triplets plus one", is rare and there are only about 100 cases in the US.

OK, "identical triplets plus one"? What in the hell kind of a name for something is that? (They might as well just call it "three kids and a bastard".) Couldn't they have thought of something a little better than that? I don't know either. I wonder how you can tell them apart when they're just born? Hey, to me, babies that aren't even related to each other all look the same. I'd never be able to figure these out. Not unless someone came up with a way to further exclude the one that doesn't look like the other three, that is. (Wait for it...)

Behold! Three kids and a bast....I mean, identical triplets plus one!


Now, I know this is asking a bit much, considering we just met these little guys and all, but just give it your best shot...which one is NOT the identical one? It's a head scratcher, I know, but I have faith you'll be able to noodle it through eventually.

If that fourth kid doesn't have a complex by Saturday, I'll be surprised. Side note: the names of the quadruplets are Joshua Drew, Gavin Michael, Cody Benjamin and Logan Christopher. I'm not going to mention which one is "the other". The poor kid probably already has enough people contributing to his complex as it is.

Congratulations, by the way!

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