Saturday, April 5, 2008

Indonesian Monkey Knievel

I thought pink dogs and dogs with clothes were the only sort of animal atrocities that I had to be concerned about. Well, there was that surfing cat that boggled one's mind. And then the surfing mice (even though they looked big enough that they could have been rats) had to follow that. OK, never mind. There's plenty of instances of animals acting like people. Probably too many. But here's another one. Behold! The Indonesian monkey riding a motorcycle. (No sh*t.)

OK, that monkey seems like he's been spending a little too much time hanging out with those who are able to walk fully upright. And I can't totally tell, but is that a little cigarette in his mouth? What's next? Lining up for his go at it with the hookers?

Take away the bike and give the little guy a banana. He's a monkey. Monkeys don't need motorcycles. (Oh, and keep him away from the hookers while you're at it.)

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