Monday, April 28, 2008

What Did You Think I Was Talking About?

Many, many reasons exist as to why I love the press/media over there in the UK. And only exemplifies that mindset. "One Minute World News", that seems to be their motto/slogan. And the world is a pretty big place, so that's quite the accomplishment. They're just so amusing, with their blunt and direct style of reporting and how their stories are often infused with their witty, witty puns and their tongue in cheek comments. Oooh....tongue in cheek. Apparently some of that wittiness is wearing off on someone.

From the fine folks across the pond at, we have this descriptive portion of one of their stories: "He had nothing else to do all night and licked it until he destroyed it. I'm sorry it's in bits, I hope it's recoverable." Followed by this: "We underestimated how long Gerald's tongue was, but you have to laugh. Gerald has a huge tongue." Well, I'm sure you're thinking what I was thinking. That they must be talking about a giraffe named Gerald, at a zoo, who licked a webcam that had been set up to stream live pictures of the birth of a baby zebra and destroyed the webcam. Of course. Wait. What?

Gerald the giraffe did just that. Licked a webcam to it's death. Apparently, giraffes in general have huge tongues (who knew?). But Gerald has a ridiculously huge tongue which was able to reach the webcam and just lick, lick, lick it's smooth, shiny, attractive front all night long until his heart's content. Gerald, you lucky dog, er, giraffe.

Wait a minute. What did you think I was talking about?

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