Tuesday, April 15, 2008

London Marathons Are Different

The London Marathon was yesterday. As all 7 of you who read this blog will recall, there were a bunch of Masai warriors from Tanzania who were going to be running in this race in order to raise money for clean drinking water for their village. And, as all 7 of you will be glad to know, they finished the race...wearing their shoes that they made from old car tires. (Photo courtesy of onEdition)Masai Warrior Shoes While I understand why they wore them in their country, I don't understand why they wore them in the race. But it's not like anyone would have noticed (or even cared) what they wore on their feet. No, there were many, many other things to pay attention to.London Marathon As I tend to do on occasion, I mocked "London's Etiquette Guide For Foreign Warriors" (or whatever it was). Little did I know that this whole London Marathon dealio is a freak show from beginning to end. See, I was expecting to see (at a marathon), things like, say, your typical marathon runner wearing things like, say, your typical marathon runner garb. Items such as shorts, tank top, Will Ferrell headband, knee-high sweat socks, etc. In the pictures that I viewed, I did not see many of those. But I did see, (and was not expecting) pictures of the following:

Batman - Batman doesn't have super speed like Superman does. All he has is that utility belt. And Robin. (Trust me. There are super heroes out there who wish that THEY had a Boy-Wonder next to them all the time.)

London Marathon
A freakishly large giant nurse-like thing (It's like one of those Fisher Price toys retaining water and out for a run.)

London Marathon Squirrel

A large squirrel who has apparently stolen Cap'n Crunch's hat and run off with it. (I can safely assume from the picture that it is either Alvin or Theodore who has absconded with the hat the Cap'n.)

London Marathon Prisoners

A prison break (A bunch of people in prison garb RUNNING through the streets of London, marathon or not, is a bit unnerving. )

London Marathon Spongebobs

Spongebobs (Yes, plural. As in "more than one Spongebob". I didn't think it was necessary for a marathon to have any Spongebobs at all. But I was wrong. Twice.)

London Marathon Stormtrooper

A stormtroooper (Look, if you're going to go with something from the Star Wars series, always, always, always go with Princess Leia in the gold bikini!)

London Marathon Tomato

A tomato (The London Marathon - Home to Runners and Produce Alike!)

London Marathon Rocky

More than one Rocky (Insert Hillary Clinton joke here. Then figure out which one is Rocky V.)

London Marathon Cape GuyLondon Marathon Green Thong Guy

Marathon Borat? And Marathon Borat's sister? Whoever they are, it's too much information for me.

London Marathon Ironing Guy

And finally, the one picture (courtesy of onEdition) that really made me say, "WTF?"

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