Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Hidden Non-Danger Of Voting

Helmet please! One helmet! Please ship to the woman in Noblesville, Indiana who wrote the letter below to the IndyStar. Her head would appear to be buttery soft, as indicated by the following letter that she wrote to on May 8, 2008. While I am able to read the words and know what the words mean, I haven't the slightest clue as to what she is talking about. I am failing to see the "risk" she mentions. Perhaps you will understand. If you do, could you let me know what in the hell it means?

Opening schools for voters increases risk to children

In a time of increasing school violence and terrorism, why in the world are we opening our schools, occupied with hundreds of children, for voting? I took my child to Noblesville Intermediate School late (we went to vote) on Tuesday. To my surprise, adults were filing in the front doors alongside us. They were there to vote. Besides a roped-off area to the left and a sign with an arrow, there was no one directing the voters or protecting our children. As I left the building and drove to work, I realized just how dangerous the situation was. Children playing freely on the playground, no one monitoring the parking lot, and no one monitoring the traffic into the school. With all of the libraries and churches available, shouldn't we draw the line and eliminate using schools as voting stations? (Woman whose name I left out because she obviously has enough problems, Noblesville.)

I'm not sure what she's suggesting. I'm not sure what the problem is. I'm really unclear on why it would be acceptable for her to take all of this potential danger and allow it to occur in libraries and churches, but not in a school. She mentions "Besides a roped-off are to the left and a sign with an arrow, there was no one directing the voters". She's totally missing out on the concept of the sign with an arrow, isn't she? See, the sign with an arrow is in lieu of a guy with a fluorescent vest, white gloves and a whistle directing people. That's because, in most cases, the sign with the arrow is SO self explanatory, it really deems the whole "person directing guy" unnecessary in many cases. As for "no one is protecting our children", I'm not sure what she wants people to do. Hand out flak jackets to the youngsters? Dive on each child as they approach, giving them a full body shield from any approaching danger? I don't get it.

And no one monitoring traffic into the school? Let me guess, you're thinking some sort of traffic hovercraft? The stealth bomber fleet, recently retired by the US Armed Forces, should be patrolling overhead? Superman constantly circling in a holding pattern? What is WRONG with you!?

You're one of those who don't let their kids ride their bikes off of the driveway, aren't you? You always make your child wear a helmet, even when they're not riding a bike, correct? Your child has never, ever had a reason to need a Band-Aid, have they?

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