Friday, May 23, 2008

It's Below The Belt Friday - Part Deux

Like I said, it's not often I can have a theme for the day. And it's probably better that way. I mean, if today covers "below the belt" then I can only assume that the next "theme" day would have to cover "above the belt". Then what? You got it. After "Below The Belt Friday" and "Above The Belt Saturday" I'd be forced to go with "Remove The Belt Sunday". And while I am absolutely NOT opposed to that idea AT ALL (not at all!) I don't really want to post about it. I'm sure you understand.

In case you've been living under a rock or just hiding out under there so you don't have to hear any more about this topic, California's Supreme Court said that it's OK for gay couples to get married. (Release the pigeons.) And while you may know that, you might not know that 41 out of the 50 states (and Puerto Rico I'm assuming. Oh, and Guam. Throw Guam in there too. The gay Guamites? Guamists? Guammers? I don't know.) have statutes that define marriage as "between one man and one woman". 27 of those states felt so strongly about it that they made sure to put that definition in their constitutions. Nice.

Since about 1985, polls have been done to grasp (Pun might be intended later on. Not sure about now, though.) how the public feels about gay marriage. According to the fine folks over there at, in 1985 about 16 percent were OK with it and around 76 percent were against it. (About 8 percent didn't know how they felt about it and asked the phone pollster what he was wearing.) Fast forward to last week and the California Supreme Court decision and we're down to about 55 percent feeling that those who are gay and want to be married are going straight to hell (otherwise known as "opposed") and up to 40 percent who think the other 55 percent are whacked (otherwise known as "in favor of"). Only five percent had no idea what in the hell to say and wanted details about "the gays". (And as far as I know, none were given.)

So in general, the opposition to gay marriage declined and the acceptance of gay marriage increased. There was a slight reversal there right before 2005, but then it perked right up again and continued along the trend that it had been on. So we had the opponents decrease by 21 percent and the proponents increase by 24 percent, with three of those percent defecting over from the extremely wishy-washy camp of "I don't know". That's about a percentage point per year from 1985 until now. Not bad. Could be better, but it could be worse as well. I've just learned to take what I can get. If it's going to be one percent per year, so be it. I wish it were more, but it could be nothing, so I'll take it.

And while all of this is semi-interesting and possibly fascinating (I realize I could be stretching it there), what is definitely amusing is the graph of this trend. See, it seems to me that whenever the topic of "gay" or "homosexuality" comes up, all that is subliminally focused on is the whole sex aspect of it. Well, that's mostly true when speaking about those who are opposed to it. For those who are not opposed to it and moreso for those who are gay, the sex aspect of it, while extremely pleasant (and it was!), isn't the main focus (all the time). But it's not like the topic never comes up. It might not be as frequently as some would like, but it does occur.

What's my point? Glad you asked. Below is the graph which depicts the trends how people responded to polls asking them if they are opposed to or in support of gay marriage. Behold! The Penis Graph!

You can click on the image above if you wish to enlarge the penis graph and see the penis graph in closer detail. Oh, the irony.

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