Friday, June 27, 2008

Your Search For Cigarette World Records Is Over

You know, people find this blog a variety of ways. Not the least of which is my shameless self promotion. But there are other ways that I have nothing to do with. And it would seem that a lot of people are extremely curious as to the world record of who has either smoked the most cigarettes at one time or had the most cigarettes in their mouth at one time and smoked those. (They sound like the same thing, but they're different.) And in another post I did months and months ago, I casually mentioned that there was a world record for smoking the most cigarettes. And when people search for this topic, they stumble across this blog. And that's great. But I feel a little guilty that there isn't anything here for them to find. It really was given just as brief a mention as I gave it just now. But no more.

No, from now on, those searching for this topic (even though I have no idea as to why) will no longer be disappointed. Now they will have facts and dates and photos and commentary to ooh and aah over. And I'm hoping that if you found this blog because you were searching for info on the cigarette smoking world record(s), that you will tell me why you need to know this. And it's not just you, it's a fair amount of folks that have a craving for this subject. I just want to know why that is. Help me out here. It's the least you can do. (Well, that and link something to this blog. And tell everyone you know. And come back and read it once in a while yourself. It's the least you can do.)

OK, most cigarettes in the mouth at one time. That record seems to be held by a one Jim Mouth. Yes, Mouth. Jim Mouth is a comedian and he is also the holder of 22, yes, 22 world records. That also makes him the self proclaimed world record holder of holding the most world records. Interesting distinction. But he's not hoarding the world records for his own personal use. He turns the whole ordeal into a performance of sorts and usually does this on behalf of different charities as a way of raising thousands of dollars for the charities. What a guy. That's nice.

Jim, as his name seems to imply, has a big mouth. It is in that mouth that he has managed to shove 159 cigarettes, light them and smoke them. (By "smoke them" I mean "take a puff until you feel like you're going to puke and then spit them out"). He has also managed to cram in that same mouth 41 cigars, 40 pipes, 18 hot dogs, 280 straws, 80 cigarettes + 12 cigars + 3 pipes, 60 smokeless cigarettes,180 French fries and one large Chicago pizza. (All at separate times, by the way.) I'm not quite sure why he can only fit in 60 smokeless cigarettes when he can shove 159 regular cigarettes in there, but that's what it says on his web site.

Now, if we're talking about the world record for the most cigarettes smoked at one time but that are not necessarily all in the mouth at the same time, then we would be referencing a one Stefan Sigmond. Stefan is from Cluj in Translyvania and he was 29 on January 31, 1996 when he set the world record for smoking the most cigarettes at once in Bucharest. He smoked 800 cigarettes. (Filter-tipped and "western" cigarettes, according to the AP article. No word on what "western" means, but I'm guessing the AP didn't want to pimp Marlboro so they went with "western" instead.) They were placed in this round, kind of wheel-like looking contraption and then lit. For just under six minutes, Stefan puffed and he puffed and then he had a world record. (Did you think I was going to finish of with "blew the house down"? That'd be silly.)

Stefan also holds other world records. In 1995, he ate 29 hard boiled eggs in just 4 minutes (and he and everyone around him was probably reminded of this feat for LONG after the 4 minutes had passed, but long BEFORE the 29 eggs had. Passed, that is.). He also jumped into a lake from a platform that was 135 feet tall. I don't know exactly why that is a world record, but I guess it is. Well, it was a world record. See, at some point, Guinness decided that it wasn't exactly, what's the word, classy? Maybe? Couth? Nah, but I'm getting closer. Non-litigious? THERE we go! I think that they may have been worried about being sued at some point if they condoned activities that, as they put it, encouraged "gluttony and foolhardiness." So these things are no longer in the Guinness Book of World Records (now known, affectionately and abbreviatedly by me as the GBWR).

Now, just because these feats of foolhardiness are not in the GBWR, does that mean that they're not World Records? That's up to you. If you think that Guinness is the utmost authority on world records and it's only a world record if they say it is, then I guess not. But if you think "Screw Guinness! The guy smoked 800 cigarettes at once!", then perhaps they ARE world records. Perhaps only to you. But if you just start designating various gluttonous and foolhardy feats as being "world records" without the Guinness seal (stamp?) of approval, then technically you're just making stuff up. What you're going to need to do is get your own stamp of approval and start the "Gluttonous and Foolhardy Records of the Universe" or something so that you will at least appear as if you have some validity (even though we both know the truth).

So there you go, all of you looking-for-information-about-cigarette-smoking-world-records guys. There's what you sought and found. Oh, you're welcome. Now tell me why you need to know this crap.

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Anonymous said...

That sux

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I came across an article that referenced the world record holder for smoking cigarettes at once ( I saw the associated picture and had to know how many cigarettes it was. Now I know, thank you.

Mare said...

And that's what I'm here for, Anonymous! To provide valuable information that other folks inexplicably omit from their content. If you're going to show a picture of a guy with that many cigarettes in his mouth, you should at least mention how many there are! Fortunately, I do just that. You're welcome.

And thanks for reading!

Shannon said...


I googled 'world smoking record' to find a picture of someone smoking lots of cigarettes, to show to a colleague who's had a particularly stressful day and wants to take up smoking, and preferably smoking lots of cigarettes all at the same time. So there you go, I found your blog and thought I'd answer your question. Now I am off for a cigarette, though just one will be sufficient, I feel.

Thank you, blogging person, from a woman who wanted a picture of mutli-smoking.

Shannon said...

The above should obviously read multi-smoking, I have no idea what "mutli-smoking" may be. Animal cruelty on Dick Dastardly's part, perhaps? Who knows.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha--I am going to come back to your blog again because that was hilarious. Yep, I googled "world record holder cigarettes" because my husband randomly said, while we were sitting on the couch after the kids went to bed, "Do you remember reading the Guiness Book of World Records when we were kids and seeing the guy with all those cigarettes in his mouth? I wonder if that dude died of lung cancer". So I looked it up and here I am. So while I now know what the dude's name is, I don't know if he's still alive so I guess I will now google further, though you did help me get started!

chantix said...

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Joye 510 said...

I don't know exactly why that is a world record, but I guess it is. Well, it was a world record. See, at some point, Guinness decided that it wasn't exactly, what's the word, classy? Maybe? Couth?

Anonymous said...

I actually thought about this as I'm working on a project for economics,( I had to create a brochure about a company and I chose Altria and there trademark is Marlboro so made a lampoon advertisement of Marlboro earth)I thought it would be interesting to mention it in the project. Ether my ass of a teacher will fail me or I will be getting an "A" for good cheers. Hope that helps you understand why some one might look for this record and thanks for the article. That man bought himself a tocket to an early gave.

Mare said...

Hey, 03/02 Anonymous!

Good luck on your paper! Here's to hoping that you get an A. And thanks for using my post! That explains a lot!

Thanks for reading!

~ Mare

Dave said...

I bet a lot of your traffic comes from people like me who cherished the old paperback GBWR's, with the now retired categories like sword-swallowing and cigarette smoking. It's a quaint trip down memory lane, to a time when it was ok to celebrate idiots who risked their lives for 15 seconds of fame.