Monday, June 23, 2008

Half-Cocked Signage

Will Smith has a new movie coming out. Now, if you're in, say, London, it's entirely possible that you could learn about the plot of this movie in a completely different fashion than if you were in, say, the US. See, if you were in the US and you learned about Smith's new film, you'd know that it's called 'Hancock" and it's about an alcoholic superhero who is hated by the public. (Of course. No one likes a drunken superhero.) You'd know that after he saves the life of PR executive Ray Embrey (who is played, interestingly enough, by Jason Bateman), Embrey attempts to rehabilitate the drunken superhero's public image. (Step one: Stop getting drunk. Step two: Be more super.) As a way of showing his gratitude, Hancock has an affair with Embrey's wife (played by the very hot and extremely luscious Charlize Theron). Nice. What a d**k.

But see, look at how long that took me to explain. I mean, it wasn't terribly long, but it was more than it would have taken those chaps over in London at Leicester Square where the movie was premiering. For some reason, the blokes putting up the lettering for the sign started at the back. They apparently needed some sort of a break about halfway through this chore and so they took one, leaving their job half finished, but still conveying the basic premise of the main character in the movie.

And that seems to sum up the main character. Totally different delivery of the exact same message. And although a bit more vague, I think Ilike their method a bit more than those used in the US. Yeah, little bit.

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