Thursday, November 20, 2008

Stop Unless...

Did you have any idea this was the Photoshop logo? Me neither!People don't always put a lot of effort into communications these days. Emails, text messages, blog posts, anything that you can use to say what you need to say for whatever reason you need to say it. Actually, people don't put a lot of effort into a lot of things these days, especially things that are not online. Things that are online? Sure, people will spend hours, sometimes days even, to Photoshop a picture so that it looks like Sarah Palin is actually fornicating with Joe the Plumber.

But in "real life", the "physical life", that sort of effort is sadly lacking. Like whenever there is a protest, I always wonder if there is a cache of 5-year olds somewhere out there whose sole responsibilities in life (other than taking naps and draining juice boxes) are to make the signs for the various protests. Things are spelled wrong, they're done in crayon, no one and I mean no one, no one EVER plans their poster/sign out ahead of time so that it's spaced correctly or, more importantly, so that they don't run out of room! But at least if I attribute those things to a bunch of 5-year olds, it's easier to overlook.

But here's my point: When I see something (in real life) that someone has put a lot of thought into and a lot of effort into, for no other reason than either a) it's funny, b) just because or even c) just because it's funny, well, that just warms my icy heart in my hollow tin chest to no end.

Whenever I've had to leave my walled compound and venture out into society for whatever reason, I like to try and take a different route every time on my way back. And I'm in a fairly remote area (so far out of town they won't deliver pizzas here), so there are a variety of ways to return. Yesterday, as I was routing myself back to my Fortress of Solitude, I came to a 3-way stop. So I did. And as I glanced over at the stop sign (Translation: Looked to see if any cops were around so I'd know if I needed to come to a full and complete stop or not.), I saw this:

Now that's not some little piece of paper stuck up there. That's not a scrap of cardboard up there. That is metal! And it is bolted in place! And that took time and that took effort and that is the most awesome thing that I saw all day.

To the dude or dudette who went through the trouble of crafting that little addendum to the stop sign, nice job. Very, very nice. That is hil-arious and it made my day. Thanks!

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