Thursday, November 6, 2008

Halloween Mugshot Goodness

Halloween was about a week ago and some people had a better Halloween than others, I would imagine. And these folks here, well, they probably thought that they were having a good time right up until they were arrested for a variety of offenses. But it's not the offenses that are the important details this time. No, this time it's simply Mug Shot Goodness courtesy of the smoky folks over there at The Smoking Gun. I'll give you three guesses as to where these folks are from (except for the last guy) and the first two guesses don't count. So make your last guess "Florida" and you'll be in great shape!

See, you can tell it's Halloween by all of the festive holiday garb sported by these detainees. In case it's a little difficult to read, the guy in the middle bottom pic (otherwise known as the Mr. Brady Square) has a tattoo on his chest that reads: "NOTHIN 2 PROVE NOONE 2 IMPRESS". Clearly, sir. Clearly.

NOTHIN 2 PROVE NOONE 2 IMPRESS". Clearly, sir. Clearly.

Yes, we CAN...get arrested!

This woman was apparently going dressed as a carrot for Halloween. Why so orange, sweetie?

I must admit to being a bit surprised that the woman below needs a shirt to make it clear that others should "Keep Away From My Booty". As if that's a problem.

For those with incredibly bad short-term memories, there's the tattoo to remind you that you have a tattoo. His next tattoo will read "Goes here"

What does this guy have tattooed on other body parts? Fruit Stripe? Hubba Bubba?

Well, Queen Latifah. Fancy seeing you here on Halloween.

And the award for the best mug shot on Halloween, 2008 goes to Travis Stone, otherwise known (by me) as the "Silver Surfer" of Las Vegas.

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Anonymous said...

The woman in orange is an absolute BABE and I think somebody's jealous!