Saturday, November 22, 2008

It's A WTF Mugshot Edition Friday!

It is definitely a WTF Friday! That's all I kept thinking as I perused through these mugshots, compliments of the smoky folks over there at The Smoking Gun website. WTF. WTF. WTF?!?! Darwin would be proud.

Well, this guy won't be going to Alcatraz, but he looks like he'll be happy no matter where he ends up.

Nice collar, sir. I mean, ma'am! I mean, sir! Ma'am! Sir! Ma'a....never mind. Just hang onto the soap.

Perhaps this gentleman here could be your cellmate. I think you two would have loads to talk about! (Oooh! And if you do start talking, ask him what the hell?!)

This Florida woman was a little upset during her domestic violence incident and did some pretty serious crying from the looks of it. Two words for next time, dearie: Waterproof mascara.

"Heyyyy....What are you doin' there? What is that...a camera? You're takin' my picture? Whafor? Huh? Arrested? Nooooo. What are you doin'? This ain't gonna end up in that Internet is it?"

Can there be three people to a cell?

Good Lord, woman. What the hell is that?! Do you think she knows she's white?

"Let's says here you're interviewing for the job of...hmmm....anything. Yeah, with that F*** LAPD tattoo on your freaking forehead, I'm afraid all of the positions for you everywhere have already been filled. But good luck on your search for gainful employment! Let us know how that turns out for you!"

How much longer until global warming causes Florida to separate from the rest of the mainland and drift out to sea, taking all of its residents with it? None too soon, is the answer! None too soon.

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