Monday, November 17, 2008

My Day Is Finally Here!

And welcome to my world. To quote Monica from 'Friends', "My day is FINALLY here!" Of course, then she trips and falls on her way into the bathroom to finish getting ready (she fears she may have broke a rib) but it doesn't matter because, as previously stated, her day is FINALLY here! Oh, hell no, I'm not getting married! Good Lord. Though it definitely would be something to write about. Moreso so that I could find out what the scoop was because it would certainly be news to me! But no, really, it's nothing like that. The new phone book is here! The new phone book is here! Oh, wait. That's not it either.

The new Guitar Hero World Tour Complete Band Kit (with CYMBALS!) for the Playstation 2, however, is here. Finally. My day is FINALLY here!

Look, getting this thing was no small feat, I'll tell you what. Of course, I had to go through my least favorite electronic retail store, Best Buy. Now, I thought that they had pulled their proverbial heads out of their proverbial arses this time around. But not so much. Still shoved right on up there, apparently. I had always wondered why they didn't do a pre-order dealio, where you "pre-order" (kind of like the name sort of implies) and then they hold one for you when they get them and then you can go and pick it up and don't have to wait in that line that usually forms outside of the store the night before they go on sale. It's not so bad, that waiting in the huge line part, but after a while you really start to get irritated with all of the 17-23 year old guys that are in line and have been up for three days on a diet consisting of little more than Red Bull and Skittles. They've got a sugar high going which keeps them awake to a degree that would rival that of most crystal meth addicts. Like I said, at first it's fine, but after you've been in line with them for more than 3 or 4 hours and then they stop trying to be all nice because they realize that you're not going to be having sex with them, and then they just become simply obnoxious? That's when it becomes unbearable and you become really grateful for the fact that you can buy alcohol.

But this time, Best Buy allowed you to reserve the game ahead of time. They just didn't tell you that the Complete Band Kit for the Playstation 2 (with CYMBALS!) wouldn't be out for at least another two weeks after the other ones came out. ::::sigh:::: Couldn't the uncaring looking, probably stoned guy who was working the register when I pre-paid for mine have told me this? I'm really not so sure that he could have, but regardless of that, he didn't. (Moron.) And because I am all too familiar with the lackadaisical (translation: barely able to stop themselves from drooling) employees that Best Buy seems to consistently have working in their stores is exactly the reason that I knew they would never reserve one for me and I had just better get myself down there when I knew they were going on sale.

That strategy and that assumption of incompetence on the part of Best buy allowed me to finally, yes FINALLY, finally become the proud owner of a one Guitar Hero World Tour Complete Band Kit (with CYMBALS!) for the Playstation 2. Yeah, baby! (What's that? Um, no. No, I don't have any children. Nope. Never married. 40, why? Hey, where'd you go?)

And thus, here is my pictoral narrative of the acquisition, transporting, unboxing and assembly of one Guitar Hero World Tour Complete Band Kit (with CYMBALS!) for the Playstation 2. Again, welcome to my world. I hope you'll stay for a little while. It's lovely here. It's a nice break from the voices in my head.

Drum roll please.....

It had to ride in the back of the truck on the way home. I can't even remember the last time I had something back there that wasn't home improvement related. Come to think of it, this is home improvement related as well!

Are ya feeling the suspense yet?


Honey, I'm home!

Here's my old set-up for the Rock Band game. It will be getting set aside for a while until a) I need to take a break from Guitar Hero, and/or b) Rock Band 2 for the Playstation 2 come out. I wait to wait for that SOB also! (I, apparently, do not like waiting.)

I thought the box would be bigger, but it's rather compact.

Finally! Now we're getting to the good stuff!

That's a nice look for the fake, plastic, Fisher-Price-esque guitar. That sunburst-y faux-wood-y kind of look. They included a bunch of stickers for the face of it. The stickers are cool, but they just don't match this particular faceplate. Maybe I'll put them on the other guitar.

I have high hopes for this guitar. It's weightier than the original one. It doesn't seem to have a magnetic contact for the strum bar, which is good for me. I like it when it clicks. It keeps me aware of what I'm doing when. (I named my other guitar Mr. Clickety. It helps when everything has a name. The voices in my head keep track of each other better that way.)


The drums!

Ah, the simple pleasures in life such as putting together fake drums on a Sunday afternoon.

Apparently, not only are the Guitar Hero folks concerned about us putting the components together correctly, they are also concerned about us opening the instruction booklet correctly as well. Here you can see the lovely, easy to understand diagram that shows us how to unfold the very piece of paper that we had to unfold to read how to unfold it. Genius, I'm telling you. Sheer genius.

Assembling these drums will not be the easiest thing I've done all day. It's a good thing I have my instructions. If I only knew how to unfold them.

OK, so they look cool, but they might have a bit of a flaw in the design. They really needed a bar going between the two sides down at the bottom. It's going to take some work to get it firmly grounded so it doesn't wobble. It is sturdier than the drums for Rock Band, but because of that missing bar (why was I not consulted for this is what I want to know), they seem a little flimsy. We'll see what kind of damage I can or cannot do to them before a final judgment is handed down.

The guitar was totally easy to put together. Snap the neck thing in the body thing and attach the strap and you're good to go! This could be my new controller of choice. And it would be a welcomed change, as it is definitely a step up from the Play-Skool version of yore.

The final product in its entirety!!

Finally. My day is finally here. Wait. Is it daytime still? I've been playing away at it ever since. What happened to that big, glowing, yellow ball in the sky? The sun went down when?!?! It's what time?!?! (Wow. Those guys in line were right about the Red Bull. Huh.)

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