Wednesday, February 6, 2008

This Mattress Not Suitable For Ski Slopes

Some guy in Italy was killed when the mattress he was riding on crashed into a barrier on the side of a piste. (Apparently, piste is Italian for "a downhill ski trail". What's wrong with just saying "trail"? I don't know either.)

All of this comes to you from the fine folks over there at (Man, I am really liking these .uk sites! Wacky Brits and the likes running, er, sliding all over Europe, they are!)

The accident occurred when they "lost control" of their mattress. Exactly how much "control" does one have over a mattress in the first place? I'm not talking those Sleep-Number things where you can control your side however you want. I'm talking "control" strictly in the "flying down the icy side of a mountain" sense.

Apparently there was a mattress co-pilot/co-passenger who was getting treatment for his injuries, which were not believed to be life threatening. Mind numbing, yes. Life threatening, apparently not.

An "FCO spokesman said that Italian police had been informed of the death, but were treating it as a tragic accident." As opposed to what?? Some slope-side conspiracy to send tourists careening to their doom strapped atop a Sealy-Posturepedic?

Helmets, anyone?

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