Saturday, February 2, 2008

They Called Where From A What?!

North Carolina has gotten a reprieve. They can thank the fine folks in Iowa for that. Specifically, those over at KCRG-TV website. \
Here's the story: On the roof of Urbandale High School in Des Moines, there is a large portable heater that is used during construction projects. Those particular portable heaters have flames that, well, flame about from within. (They're quite impressive. And warm.) I guess the crew decided to spiff it up a bit and painted a NASA logo on the side and added some fins. (Nice touch!) I'm thinking, "Cool!" The neighbors thought, "Oh, my God! It's a rocket!"

Correct. Someone who saw the rocket-heater on top of the school called 911 to report the rocket. Or to check to see if NASA had lost one. It's hard to say. OK, so they had to check to make sure it wasn't a rocket (it wasn't) and that there wasn't any danger (there wasn't).

Now, I'm thinking that this sounds like quite the impressive project that they pulled off if it actually stirred concern that it was real. (Granted, one phone call isn't stirring much, but it made people look, I'll give it that.) I wanted to actually see the rocket-heater. This is the picture that accompanied this story that KCRG had on their website:

Just in case you were wondering where that 911 call came from, here's a picture of a phone! Never mind the heater-rocket! Let's start at the beginning for those readers who are new to the planet. Iowa, North Carolina thanks you.

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