Friday, February 1, 2008

Speaking of North Carolina

Wednesday's post dealt with the deer-on-a-leash incident gone awry. The details of that story were posted on Channel WXII-12's website. When I was done laughing, but not quite done marveling, at the deer story, I started perusing some of the other headlines they had posted. That's when it became very clear to me that, although the name says North Carolina, it's pretty obvious from the stuff they're reporting on that it's really in the South. Really.

Here's a sampling: "Cat Finds Child Porn"
"Monastery Rents Out Rooms For Super Bowl"
"Man Charged With Giving Xanax Pills To Son"

"All Hail The Power Ballad"

Hmmm. OK. Then, under the heading "Don't Miss This!" we have the following "must reads":

"Olsen Will Not Be Part of Ledger Death Probe"

"Sopranos Knocks 'Em Dead at SAG Awards"

"Craigslist Used To Hire Hitman"

I also ran across a story titled, "Gang Members Arrested After Deputies Raid Meeting". An excerpt: "Gang members in the middle of meeting to educate other members on gang knowledge were arrested during a raid last Wednesday. Deputies with the county's gang unit were conducting an investigation at 627 N. Church St., when they smelled marijuana and overheard the suspects inside an apartment discussing gang activities. Gang members refer to these meetings as "church", deputies said."

Yep. Faaaaarrrr south.

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