Monday, February 11, 2008

Long Words, Short Words, Other Words

I love the fine print. Yes, like the kind that's at the bottom of anything you have to sign. Or eat. Or drink. And the reason that I love the fine print is because it is either a) hilarious, or b) ridiculous, or c) both. Quite often it is c) both. Here's an example:

The Bank of America Privacy Policy for Consumers, 2007, informs you of who they "may share your information about credit cards and Sponsored Accounts with." According to the pamphlet, there are three, including:

-- Financial services companies.

-- Nonfinancial companies.

-- Other companies.

OK, that seems to be long for "ALL". I don't know that there is a more generic, broader and all encompassing category other than the "other" category. Anything and everything that is under the burning fire of the sun qualifies as "other". So, basically, BofA is going to take every shred of financial information about me (granted, there won't be a lot) and pretty much just leave it lying around for all the world to see. Well, this world, non worlds, and other worlds. But, apparently, I've been warned.

BofA also uses the fine print to explain to me what to do if I think that there is a problem with my account. Apparently, I have 60 days to notify them in writing if I think that something has gone awry. But if I don't do it within the 60 days I can't do anything (and I'm quoting here) "regardless of the care or lack of care we may have exercised in handling your account." Somehow, their admitting that their lack of care when handling my account could be an issue for me (or for them), yeah, that doesn't really make me feel better. Makes me feel like changing banks, sure. But better? Nah, not so much.

I still love the fine print.

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