Thursday, February 28, 2008

Kentucky - We're South Enoughly

While Kentucky might not be able to be completely geographically classified as being "in the south", when you do things like this, you're close enough.

This from the website of the Courier-Journal in Louisville, KY. For some reason, their website refers to the Louisville area as "Kentuckiana." A Kentucky and Indiana hybrid, I presume. (It's either that or Kentucky and Princess Diana and that doesn't make a lot of sense.) So, are we down to 49 states now? Why are we condensing America? What's next? Arkansee? Floribama? Louisippi? Where will it end? Never mind about where? How about WHEN? Here's the headline from Kentuckiana:

Clouds made yesterday meant chill stuck aroundly

You don't believe me? What? Because it makes NO sense?! Here's the link, you can see for yourself:

First question: Who is making these clouds? Next: WTF is "aroundly"? I can guess it's possibly another hybrid word that they appear to be fond of over there, but there's too many words that end in -ly to choose from. Stupid-ly. Careless-ly. Dumbass-ly. Way too many.

This oh-so-informed forecast states in the article: "Instead, the temperature peaked at 36 and the area was given a light dusting of snow on grassy areas, although streets remained generally clear"

It's the "although streets remained generally clear" that struck me as unnecessary. Look, they just got done saying that there was a light dusting of snow "on grassy areas". Presumably, the "streets" in Kentuckiana are not "grassy areas", thus they would remain "generally clear". It seems like a given. But just from the headline alone you really have to wonder what you're being given to start with.

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