Thursday, February 14, 2008

Just Tell Me Why

This from the fine folks over yonder at Fox News: The world's fattest man (hey, Guinness's words, not mine!), Manuel Uribe, has dropped 570 pounds. That apparently makes him an unlikely candidate to repeat as "World's Fattest Man" this year.

The most Manuel weighed was 1,257 pounds. It has been reported that he has been bed-ridden for 5 years and that doctors from Mexico, Italy and the US have been helping him lose weight through diet and exercise for the past 2 years. (Hmmm...what kind of exercise? Thighmaster maybe?)

In hopes of keeping his name in the Guinness Book of World Records in some capacity, an editor reportedly told him he will be under consideration for "Lost The Most Weight" in the 2009 edition. (That's nice of them.) Manuel wants to get down to 265. (It's good to have goals.)

Here's where it gets odd for me. " In March, a crane will lift him out of his house and he will be driven around on a flat-bed truck," according to the Fox report. That's it. It ends there.

Drive him around WHERE? For the purpose of what? Fresh air? Parade float? Drive him around WHERE? And WHY? Why March? Why not Saturday? Lift him out how? What about the roof? So, SO many questions! I reallly need to know WHY!!

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