Saturday, February 16, 2008

The South Comes Through AGAIN!

Arkansas. Yep, today's Southern mocking location is in Arkansas and you can thank the fine folks over there at for turning us onto this one and also for reaffirming that Arkansas is, in fact, in the South. You may thank them and you may also mock them for it.

underwearHere's the headline (I'd like to say it gets better after the headline, but it kind of doesn't):

Underwear on The Face Didn't Fool Anyone

See? Maybe Britney Spears was right? Maybe underwear doesn't do you any good, it obviously "didn't fool anyone" in this instance, so why bother?! (Please know that I am SO just kidding. You should ALWAYS wear underwear. Britney should always wear underwear. Hell, Britney should always wear at least TWO pairs of underwear.)

It's hard to know how to continue after a headline like that. But apparently, Jerry Keene, 40, tried to rob the (I'm not kidding) Hillbilly Market using a pair of underwear to conceal his face. There were witnesses there that, despite the underwear in front of his face, were able to identify him.

The thing is, this guy allegedly showed a gun when robbing the (still not kidding) Hillbilly Market with a pair of underwear concealing his face. So he knew enough to use a gun and yet still went with the underwear-on-the-face-disguise. Hmmm....go figure. That's all I can say. Go figure.

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