Monday, February 18, 2008

Obama Boy?

Here's a question: Is the guy who almost made the Top 24 on American Idol (Kyle Ensley) the same guy who appears briefly at the beginning of the Obama Girl video? Because I'm here to tell you, they look an awful lot alike.

Kyle Ensley

Obama Boy:

Obama Girl

Now this could be a result of that 'separated at birth' phenomenon that was abundantly present at the Grammys, but this involves politics and American Idol. Together. The two cultures rarely collide. The fact that Kyle is an aspiring politician only serves to thicken the plot. And I really don't know if they're the same guy or not, but I'll try to find out.

And as long as I'm on the subject of Obama Girl (What? I wasn't? I mentioned her name! That counts. It's Obama Girl! Anything counts!), it's only fitting that the Obama Girl video should follow the Kyle and Obama Boy look alike pics. Actually, I think it's fitting (and extremely desireable) for Obama Girl to follow just about anything. Pictures of broccoli, the St. Louis Arch, whatever. Always follow with Amber Lee. What a great rule that would be. (By the way, Obama-Kyle shows up at 0:10 looking just like he does in the still pic above. )

Also, none of this constitutes my support for any candidate anywhere, out there, ever. If I'm supporting anyone at all, it's going to be Obama Girl (Not Obama. Just Obama Girl.) because, well, because she's haw-t! Looking like that, she could be singing "I've Got A Crush on OSAMA" for all I care. I'd still love 'er. (And thanks to the fine folks over yonder at for the video and for Amber Lee in general.)

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