Friday, February 29, 2008

Old McDonald Didn't Have This.

Reuters, the news service guys, have this feature on their website called "Best of the Week in Pictures". It's a slideshow of about 30 user submitted pictures. Each picture has a caption that describes what the picture is, where it is, etc. And all this is fine and is a wonderful little addition to their site. What's surprising is that even with a picture and a caption, that seemingly foolproof formula can still leave the viewer confused. And with no where to turn for answers. Here's what we're talking about:

Here's the caption that really creates more questions than it does answers: "A vendor holds a chick as he waits for customers outside a market in Karachi, Pakistan, February 1, 2008."


OK, I haven't been to Pakistan lately (never), but I do remember singing "Old McDonald Had A Farm" when I was younger and there was NOTHING about Old McDonald having pink, green, orange and tie-dyed chicks! Those are baby chickens! Pink and green baby chickens!! Why are they these colors? I don't know either! And there's no one I can ask!

I mean, it's not like the vendor was on "Maury" or anything. That would have been a missing piece to the puzzle that would have fit.. It wouldn't have cleared up everything, but it could've explained a few things. You know, even if there was only ONE multi-colored chick, it would make more sense. But there appears to be a considerable amount of multi-colored chicks over the number of ONE multi-colored chick.

Apparently, in order to put an end to whatever this is, there needs to be some sort of barnyard animal rule book or something. Rule One: Chicks? Always yellow.

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