Monday, February 4, 2008

So, In Fahrenheit, That Would Be....

It's gotta be really cold in Canada. And really boring. Those have to be the two contributing factors as to why four UPS workers in Calgary decided to make a bet to see who could go the longest wearing shorts on the job. They made the bet eleven years ago. That's 1996 (Canadian or American.).

OK, this bet has potential, I'll give it that. I haven't done extensive travelling in the region, but what I can tell from all of the pictures that I've seen of Canada, it appears to be under 7 feet of snow year round and there are a lot of Saint Bernards and Mounties constantly rescuing people from downtown areas. So wearing shorts all the time would get chilly on occasion (eg, September through July).

On Monday, when the temperature dropped to below -48C (for those of you only familiar with the Fahrenheit system of temperatures, -48C is roughly really-freaking-cold-Fahrenheit.) the last guy caved, er, panted, er, got dressed like a reasonable individual and that left 38-year old Shaun Finnis as the winner.
What does one win after eleven years in shorts in the freezing cold? That's right. $400. (And I'm assuming that's Canadian, so it's even less for us blokes over here in the US, I think.) $400?!?! That's it?!!? You'd think they'd throw in a pair of pants to go with that (Shaun doesn't even own UPS pants, apparently). But, no, $400.

That's probably why the other guy just gave up. When that guy woke up that morning and saw that it was really-freaking-cold-Fahrenheit outside, he probably said to himself, " is really-freaking-cold-Fahrenheit outside and you've been doing this for eleven years for a lousy $400. For God's sake, man, wise up and put on some damn pants!"

What can brown do for you? Not a lot and not with pants, apparently.

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