Thursday, February 7, 2008

4th and God To Go

Here's a little tidbit from Reuters: Sen. Arlen Specter, a Pennsylvania Republican who also has been inquiring about the National Football League's handling of a spying scandal involving this year's Super Bowl contenders the New England Patriots, criticized the NFL for pulling the plug on church Super Bowl parties.

First of all, where was I when they changed the job description and duties of a US Senator to include overseeing an inquiry into the NFL and how they handle weasely cheaters like the Patriots? Aren't they supposed to be doing more Senator-y things? I don't know, like passing laws or something?

"There's absolutely no reason why you ought to be able to have a big screen in a bar but not in church, where a church is having a social event," Specter said on CNN's "Late Edition."

Hey, now, I've been saying that for YEARS. Wanna get me to go to church? Two words. Big Screen. Either those two words or these four words: Church in a bar.

"According to the Washington Post, the NFL bans public exhibitions of its games on television screens larger than 55 inches, citing copyright law protecting its games, but exempts sports bars."

The NFL doesn't allow it's games on screens larger than 55 inches? WTF?! Who knew that the NFL had a stick up it's butt? Not me. Man, if you've got a church with a TV that is bigger than 55 inches, well, holy canoli that's a BFS for a church if I've ever heard of one (Big Fat Screen). That's a BFS even if you're NOT a church!

He said he plans to introduce legislation on Monday to change federal copyright law granting an exemption for organizations using telecasts at "social events," such as churches".
Again, shouldn't he be doing things a little more Senator-y and a little less Are You Ready For Some Football (on a screen less than 55 inches) ? He's a Senator for Christ sakes!! Somehow, some way, "United States Senator" is turning into a job for which just about everyone is qualified for. That's not good (in case you were wondering).

Side Note: My favorite line from the Super Bowl commercials this year? Will Ferrell saying, "Bud Light. Suck one." Hil-arious.

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