Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Stone 'em!

Another weird sex-related story out of Sweden (in English). And again, it demonstrates why I just love the European press. And now I ALSO love those who fall victim to sleazebags posing as inquisitive telephone sex researchers! Europeans victims are much more empowered than American victims. You'll see.

Swedish man sought for posing as sex researcher (See?)

A man pretending to be a sex researcher made calls to several women near the northern Swedish city of Sundsvall to inquire about their sexual habits.
The interviews led eight of the women to report the man to police. (It wasn't mentioned exactly what it was that made these eight women finally catch on. I would like to know, though. Because it would had to have been something just ridiculously glaring, considering that the "I'm doing a sex research study. Please tell me about all of your sex." line seemed to not be ridiculously glaring.)

But what do these victims really think about their violator? “Stone the bastard,” said a 22-year old who revealed details about her sexuality during puberty to the fake sex research guy. (Right on! They might not be the sharpest tools in the shed over there in Sweden to have fallen for this in the first place, but they are very direct and articulate about their feelings! "Stone the bastard!" I'm going use that line someday...somewhere. Maybe when someone in front of me is taking too long at the ATM or somethng. "Stone the bastard!" That'd probably speed things up.)

In addition to posing questions about women’s sex lives, the man on several occasions also offered lessons on masturbation. (Ooohh. OK. This must be the ridiculously glaring part I was inquiring about earlier.)

He asked the women to take of their clothes and follow his instructions. (Yeah, dude, too far. Waaayy too far. Shoulda just gone with "How old were you when you first did it?" and left it at that. Too far.)

Police have no leads, as the man made his calls from a protected telephone number. (Given the fact that eight women were willing to talk to this guy at all, I have the feeling he's going to keep calling. Just wait. He's probably thinking, "Number nine is right around the corner. I can feel it." Which is probably how this whole thing started to begin with.)

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