Monday, July 21, 2008

Pleze Yuse Spel Chek For Yur Tatooo

You know, yesterday's post about the guy's with the misspelled tattoos had me thinking. Obviously, the two chaps in that story weren't exactly the sharpest tools in the shed. (Tools? Yes. Sharp? Not so much.) And I don't base that assessment merely on the fact that they weren't all that clear on the actual spelling of the misspelled words, but also on the fact that they (the ones with the tattoos) didn't even notice that they were misspelled until someone else point it out to them. So I'm OK with my assessment of "not real bright" for both of them.

But there are a lot, and I mean A LOT, of idiots out there. (Seriously. Look over to your right. See that guy there? He's an idiot!) They're everywhere. And I started thinking about how many other people must be walking around out there with tattoos consisting of misspelled words. It was shortly after I started thinking this that I realized that there were likely a lot more than could be accounted for, as probably half of them still don't know that it's not spelled "moran", but rather "moron". Regardless, morons (and morans) love the Internet. And they love to upload pictures to the Internet, too. Needless to say, it wasn't too hard for me to locate "a few" other misspelled tattoos. And while they're about what you'd think they'd be, I'm going to share them with you anyways.

So, in case you've realized that today doesn't know and you're wondering if perhaps the next day does, here's your answer. It doesn't.

Maybe it's a good thing that "TOMARROW" never knows. At least that way it won't know that's it's "TOMORROW".

What if you've just had it with everything and need to voice your displeasure with a profane saying inked into your upper arm? That'll show them!

And if you're this guy, it'll show them that you don't know how to spell "SYSTEM". (But maybe that's what he's rebelling against - the system of spelling correctly. Although if that was the case, he probably should have gone with "FUKK" just to get that point across.)

Now, if you're going to be having coitus with the "systsem", you're going to need justification for doing so. Here it is:

I guess you can never have too many E's. Although, "everyone elese" actually spells it "ELSE".

And how proud of yourself are you going to be to come home with one of those bad boys above? You'd better make sure you get that sentiment inked in as well.

You know what would have been even more "AWESOME", dude? Finishing HIGH SCHOOL!

The fellow below has some words of wisdom to offer anyone who cares to read his arm. It reads,"Its not the cards your delt in life its how you play them"

Um, first of all, why are your cards puzzle pieces that are afire? Cards like that are going to be hard to play at all. But the issue at hand is, well, the arm. See,, where the tattoo is located IS "YOUR DELT". But the imagery of the tattoo seems to be referring to cards that "YOU'RE DEALT". Anatomy, grammar, many problems.

Here is a fellow who is unclear on the "-ism" factor and has instead gone with the "-esm" factor.

So he is just advocating to "END RACESM". (And while I'd like to tell him that it's not just the S&M, who knows? He might like that.)

Of course I have to wrap this up with my favorite Father-and-Son-with-Tattooed-Forehead mugshot. Meet Floyd and Justin Bebee. First, I'd like to commend Justin on having the "PSYCHO" tattoo on his forehead spelled correctly. (Because, really, if you had "PSYCHO" tattooed on your forehead and it was spelled wrong, well, that would just look stupid.) Now I'd like to draw your attention to Floyd's noggin where he has embedded the phrase "GIT-R-DUN" across his forehead. (Floyd, if you're going to "git" anything "dun", might I suggest the 6th grade?) Oh, how I wish there was a pic available to show you the BACK of his head, as he has tattooed it with the phrase "GOT-R-DID". (Insert redneck joke of your choosing here.)

So there you have it. I think that my only advice to people who really feel the need to tattoo some sort of word or words on their body is that they should go with something that they really know. Since they all seem to have a cumulative IQ which is approximately half that of a potted palm, I'm going to suggest maybe they stick with their name. But just their FIRST name. Anything more than that and they're just asking for trouble.

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