Thursday, July 10, 2008

Austrian Audacity

Some people just don't get it. Case in point: Josef Fritzl. Fritzl (who needs to buy another vowel), is the 73-year old Austrian a-hole who kept his daughter locked in the cellar for 24 years whilst he raped her repeatedly and fathered her SEVEN children (all given birth in the basement prison). Three of the children had never seen daylight before they were finally rescued a couple of months ago. (By the way, "never seen daylight" doesn't mean "never went outside". It means, literally, what it says. They had spent their entire lives in a windowless basement and had never seen daylight. That is a concept that I highly doubt any of us could even remotely envision.) Austrian a-hole is really the mildest moniker I could come up with and it doesn't even come close to how I really feel about the dude.

Anyway, Fritzl has been under arrest for the past 2 months. Correct. TWO months. TWO months ago he was arrested. TWO months ago he was jailed. TWO months ago he was jailed for keeping his own daughter locked in his basement continuously for twenty four years. Well, after TWO MONTHS, he's decided he's had enough. According to the fine folks across the pond at The Telegraph, Fritzl "has asked permission to leave his prison cell after admitting he can no longer stand being cooped up." If someone could please hand me the World's Smallest Violin, I can take it from here. Are you kidding me, dude?

Even though Fritzl has a fear of being attacked by other prisoners (that is probably a reasonable fear to have), he has demanded his right to exercise 30 minutes every day. He has also been held in a cell that usually accommodates two, by the way, yet he is the only one in there. So he has a larger than average cell and yet he's feeling "cooped up". Um, WAH.

According to a prison source of The Telegraph, "He usually sits there watching television all day, especially news programmes about him." Watching TV shows about himself. Huh. What else? He also "has been making copious notes ready for the interview, as he will be present when Elisabeth speaks via a video link up and will be allowed to ask questions via his lawyer." OK, then. I've heard enough.

Yeah, that must be rough on him. In a cell larger than other individual cells. All cooped up like that. Only allowed outside 30 minutes a day. Oh, and all of this WITHOUT someone raping you. Yeah, um, that sounds like you have it, um, "rough" (which is actually how you should be raped, by the way).

This really shouldn't surprise me or anyone else, and I don't know if it does. It sure does piss me off, though. I guess I should just assume that someone that could act in such a heinous fashion for so long would naturally be a selfish bastard. Oh, and a coward. (Not so tough with the big boys, eh, Joe?! Not so tough when it might be YOU getting raped, eh, Joe? You asshole.) Below is a graphic of how his makeshift prison was laid out. (You should be able to click on it to enlarge it to a full screen view.) 24 years he kept his own daughter locked down there. 24 years. He's been in jail for 2 months and he's feeling "cooped up"? Yeah, burn in hell, dude.

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