Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Mrs. I'm A Dinner Jacket

By now, I'm sure that you're vaguely familiar with the narcissistic, probably crazy, assuredly unstable President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmedinejad (aka I'm A Dinner Jacket). And while we've heard plenty about him, we really don't know a lot about his family do we? Wait. What? He has a family? Apparently so.

Dinner Jacket has a daughter and two sons. His daughter, well, she's female! And while that might not sound a whole lot like "information", given how difficult it was for me to dig up anything on these people, it's definitely information. It's a little useless, but when you have nothing, you'll take just about anything and run with it. (Oh, you'll run like the wind in cases like this one!) His daughter is apparently an electrical engineer. She might have a name, she might not. I couldn't find one. So, electrical engineer it is! That's all I know.

Dinner Jacket's oldest son is Mahdi. He is a civil engineer. (Dinner Jacket is also a civil engineer, which I find ironic as he seems to be lacking a bit in the "civility" department.) Dinner Jacket's other son's name is Alireza. He is studying to be a mechanical engineer, thus completing the engineering trifecta of the Ahmedinejad tribe. He is also said to be an "Internet addict". Yeah, well, join the club.

That's all I've got. Oh, wait! The mother of those children! Right. I knew I was forgetting someone. Mrs. I'm A Dinner Jacket. Of course. Her name? Her name.......her name.....um, yeah, we don't know it. What about what she looks like? Looks.....looks.....um, yeah, we don't know what she looks like either. Wait. What?

Correct. The first name of Mrs. I'm A Dinner Jacket is unknown and we have no clue as to what she looks like. At first, I just figured that all of this was Dinner Jacket's weirdness shining through. I mean, being President of a country and having a wife whose name and general appearance are not known to the public? Well, that sort of a practice has Dinner Jacket's name written all over it. But it's not totally his doing.

Apparently, according to a Time Magazine article from Sept. 7, 2006, deeply "traditional Muslim men consider it more honorable to keep their wives out of the public sphere." And, at least since 1979, the leaders of Iran have adhered to that practice; kind of to the extreme if you're asking, oh, just about anyone. The article also said, "To this day, no one has any idea what Mrs. Ayatullah Khomeini looked like." I find that freaking amazing. How? How is that possible? How can you be the wife of a ruler/president/crazy leader of a country but yet no one knows what you look like? How is that possible?!

I'll show you how. I'd like to introduce you to Mrs. I'm A Dinner Jacket. Behold!

Are you freaking kidding me?! THAT is his wife? Are we sure? Is HE sure? How would he know?! How would anyone know? That is un-believable.

The photo was taken by one of the folks over at the German magazine "Bild". I don't know if the Dinner Jackets consented to this photo or if it was taken with a really long telephoto lens, but I am grateful for the photo, however it came to be obtained. (Interestingly enough, "Bild" means "picture" in German, thus making it an appropriate name for the magazine as it's basically a tabloid. And while this may be tabloid fodder in Germany, I just can't picture Dinner Jacket and his lovely tarp covered bride gracing the pages of the National Enquirer.)

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Irritated said...

I think she's hot.

Mare said...

Hey, I'd be hot too if I had to wear the "Beekeeper In Mourning" outfit and live in a sand country where the average daily temperature is around ninety degrees!